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(( OOC: The following is for my SWTOR character, Captain �Jackie� Rees. It’s a holo captain’s log. ))

The holo opens with Jacqueline in her usual mechanical get up with grease stains to match. She’s sans her usual glass of whiskey. She sits in the chair with a leg draped over one chair arm and with a casual lean to one side.

“Updates: Op is being planned. Been a while since I had to get this detailed. S’been a nice little exercise. Had to resort to passive data spikes so I wouldn’t snag someone’s attention. This means that planning has to go a little slower. Fine by me. Gives time to prep the crew and preparation has started.”

“Tris and Lomdo are on board. Even got one of Tris’ contacts in — who makes kickass food, I’ll add. I’ll be seeing him again. Surprisingly, Soult is in, too. All this prep for the one guy I was sure I’d need to convince for the better part of a day. Soult signed on in minutes. It’s the kind of change in him that I don’t like. He was the one guy on the galaxy I could count on to fly straight. Looks like the ‘Pub military screwed another good soldier,” Jacqueline sounds less than amused.

“Pilot training continues with Nugget and Shadow. I’ll be taking Nugget on my next trip and give her the pilot seat for a while. Kid’s got a knack for it and is ready to log a few real flight hours. Shadow, turns out, is more a mimic than a pilot. Doesn’t mean she’s a lost cause, but kid’s gotta learn how to fly on her own. Turns out she’s a bit of a security risk, too. Has a solid memory and a knack for remembering things from days ago. I updated security protocols around here just on account of one kid’s memory. Who knew?” She grins, adding a shrug. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud. But from what I can tell, she didn’t get this talent from the cheeriest childhood. Note to self: find out how far this memory of hers goes.”

“Halo and I had a chat. It was time to address the bantha in the room. Turns out he has a few other modes other than ‘big, walking penis.’ Inheritance going poof and joining the ranks of us working-class slobs leveled him out just a bit. Was nice to have an actual chat. Could have potential. Said he wants to join the ranks as a pilot, so time for a test. Looks like we’ll be racing after all,” Jacqueline grins.

“That’s it. Back to work. Time to see what the spikes gathered in the last hour. Captain out.”

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