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(( Related(RP) CHAT LOG: SWTOR The Hunt (Part 1). The following is on my SWTOR Agent, Tevaria. ))

Stooping over a large table holo display of Corellia, Tevaria watched as several markers appeared and pointed to the surface of the planet. The points were spread over its western hemisphere, like dust scattered from a throw and carried by a wind.

A crisply clad officer saluted Tevaria and began his briefing: �We have begun receiving hails from many of the landed escape pods and sending ground troops to retrieve them. As requested, we are cross-referencing the found crew against our databanks. Neither Lord Brembal or Lieutenant Halonan Kybersmith have been found, but reports are still coming in. We have not yet responded to them all.�

�And you are questioning eyewitnesses on board and on the ground on which pods each Kybersmith took, Officer Chambers?� Tevaria inquired.

�Yes, ma�am. So far, none of the crew we have recovered on the surface were jettisoned, or reported jettisoned, with Lord Brembal or his son.�

�Very well. Continue the questioning. Prioritize the hails that do not give a manifest of the crew on board. It is unlikely that Lord Brembal would wish to broadcast his whereabouts at this moment. Should you receive an automated beacon with no further clarification of who is on board, proceed to that point immediately. Am I clear?�

�Yes, ma�am.�

�Thank you. Dismissed.�

Clicking his heels together, the officer turned and departed. Eyeing the holo, Tevaria�s fingers input a number of commands into a keypad. For each marker on the planet, a small search grid encircled it. As each quarter-hour passed, each search grid grew a bit wider, assuming the flight of those within the pods and distance traveled. 

Waving down another officer, Tevaria instructed him: �Obtain updated holo maps from Imperial forces staged planetside. I want special attention focused on settled areas where there is available transport. Go.�

Moments later, to another officer: “Station men at spaceports in the following locations. They are to look either for Lord Brembal or the Lieutenant. Dismissed.”

Again and again she refined the map, obtaining and releasing officers to gather more information, until the search areas began updating on their own, by the minute, some faster than others, as reports continued to stream in. Some search points were crossed off altogether, dismissed. Others changed in color, growing in interest. The grids near civilization expanded quickest, assuming the speed of speeders or vehicles assisting escape. Her eyes watching them all, Tevaria continued casting strategic nets over Corellia�s surface, working intensely through the first crucial hours of the search.

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