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(( The following is on my SWTOR smuggler, Captain Jacqueline “Jackie” Rees and foreshadows the showdown about to come. To be written in a few parts while on vacation. Inspiring music that’s setting the mood and theme. For journal catch up, read any Jacqueline SWTOR journals, Vanessa’s included, to catch up. Thanks for reading. ))

A holomessage is left for Jacqueline Rees from an old contact:

�The gathering is at the old Kynnovan industry works. If you don�t know, the quick version: Lowest level, used to deliver power to one of the bigger Hutts back in the day on the upper levels. Really decadent stuff. Pleasure barges, casinos, pools. Mostly got by on slave labor. But went under when the Hutt�s tiny empire caved. Now it�s a convenient den for the folk you and me used to know.�

�Rumor is, they use underground tunnels to get in. Well, I can�t tell you where they are or how to get to them. They guard that secret pretty damn well. They�re not on any schematic I can find and you know how �great� Nar Shadda is with keeping records. If you want to use them, you�ll need to find them yourself. In the meantime, the best approach is hoofing it down 40 stories and hope you don�t fall or get spotted. You can use a speeder for some of it but enjoy the risk of getting shot when you get too close.�

�As you guessed it, means limited ways out if things go bad. Sorry I couldn�t get better info and sorry the hit is hard to get to, but hell, it�s you who said you wanted to finish this. You also got them scared. S�why they�re meeting in a place like this. So good job, asshole.�

�Security is about as bad as it�s ever been, meaning it�s paranoid, armed to the teeth, and itching to shoot our asses. Good news is there aren�t that many of them. Bad news is I don�t know how quickly they can call up reinforcements through those damn tunnels. This is definitely a �get in, shoot, get out� job. No time to play catch up with old friends.�

�If you ask me, tonight isn�t the night, but if you�re going for it, Vee, I�m with it. Just wish we chose another date and venue for our little reunion tour. I guess if we go down, at least it�ll be going after a place like that.�

�I�ll see you at the rendezvous point in six hours. If I forget to say it there, saying it now: nice knowing you.�

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