Condensation had gathered on the surface of the kolto tank, obscuring the view of its inhabitant but it had not been enough to dim the light it bathed into the room. A few lights from machines blinked while displays showed the vitals status on the tank�s resident.


Kadrissa paced back and forth, eyes locked on his face, warped from the refraction through the beads of water gathering on the glass. It was reinforced, of course, and the kind that would resist most blasts or at least provide a sufficient challenge for any force user. It was one of the many precautions that she had put in place when she gave the construction order on Hoth.

�I could have kept you in carbonite.� Kadrissa�s words came out as a puff in front of her face. �I think you might have been a very interesting conversation piece on my wall. Kadrius the Destroyer, hanging like a painting for guests to observe.�


She placed her hand on the glass and wiped away a thick layer of moisture until she could see his face more clearly. His yellow eyes looked so dead as he stared back at her in that chemical induced stupor. It was just enough to keep his power at bay while paralytics kept him from moving.


It was not enough to block out the anger she felt coursing through the room so thick she could have chewed it up. Feeling his hatred grow the longer he was forced to stare at her and watch her through the glass was all too statisfying.


�Tarokus got carbonite, but he wasn�t near interesting enough to be put on a wall. Though the Jedi Council may decide that he is, I�ll never really know.� She rubbed her armored hand over the glass to clear the new layer of condensation that had developed. �But you, Kadrius� Did you think I would have forgiven you for everything you had done to me? Every scar you left on me, every nightmare I had to survive!� Her armor clattered against the tank�s glass as she let her guise of calm fall just for Kadrius to taste her anger.


�I suppose I should be equally grateful for all that you�ve done. You have, after all I have experienced, shaped me into something greater than either of us could have possibly imagined. For that, you have my sincerest thanks, but you have had a stunning lack of growth. At your core, you are still nothing more than a spoiled child that cannot contain his temper tantrums, so I shall intervene here with a lesson in patience.� Kadrissa gave him one of her rare smiles as she pushed her face away from the glass.


�I�m sure you can recall a time when you kept me contained to a kolto tank. Of course, it wasn�t as sturdy as this one, but you needed easy access to me, didn�t you? Someone to endure all of that rage then seal away and repair for the next episode, but don�t you worry! My visitations will be purely for observation, both in person and through holocommunication. You should be proud that I�ve shown this much restraint when I had every opportunity to make your suffering beyond the comprehension of even the sharpest minds. The thought of Adric�s disapproval is why my hand has been so merciful. Rather than spending the rest of your life in blinding agony, you will spend it in a stasis state.� Kadrissa set her hand over a crystal hanging from a chain around her neck. �At the same time, this is also your punishment for what you did to Adric. Your foolish rivalry led to his fall and his death, but I won�t drone on anymore with what you already know.�

Her fingers closed around the crystal as a look of mourning crossed her face. A silence was allowed to pass for a moment, one only interrupted by the sounds of machines whirring and the hum of power to keep the chemicals flowing and the tank operating. Kadrius� rage had not subsided and grew thicker in the air, but Kadrissa had long since conquered her fear of both him and the kolto. It allowed her to show him a pleased expression with her accomplishment over him and his imprisonment.


�There is enough power and medication to keep you pickling for a very long time. Should you ever manage to escape, and I do encourage you to try, you will find a true test of your resilience on the surface.� Her boots echoed in the chamber as she turned to a panel reading off the status of his vital signs and the rate of infusions. One last glance was spared to Kadrius in his semi-conscious state before she tapped a set of keys on the panel.


�Good night, Kadrius,� Kadrissa�s tone was almost serene as alarms beeped and the ambient whirr momentarily increased in volume. What little overhead lighting that been installed went out as his eyes began to close and the tangible rage in the room began to die out.

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