Name: Lehsa Vaar

Race: Togruta

Affiliation: Republic Military, Lagoon Squad

Age: 33



Strong-willed, reckless, stubborn, and always ready for a good fight. However, she is loyal, caring, and protective of her friends and family.  She doesn�t always show it very well but the reason she fights can be related to her protective nature.


Personal File:

Lehsa Vaar joined the Republic Military at the age of 18. Because she was from a family of hunters on her home world, it is likely the reason she pushed from the start to be put in a front line rifle squad. A natural born fighter, she was never afraid of a fight and always defended her friends when she was a child. Her parents are still alive, currently living on a Togruta Colony. Their personal opinion of their daughter was that she was smart, strong, and likely to be a real pain in the ass someday.

Lehsa always worked hard within the military; although sometimes she did come off as intimidating to her drill sergeants and later her CO�s. She wanted to be the strongest soldier she could be but often forgot to realize when she should hold back on missions. Lehsa found herself put in less desirable squads because of her recklessness and stubbornness. But she always made the most of it and eventually the upper ranks noticed this.

Lehsa eventually would achieve the rank of Major and be put in charge of Lagoon Squad. Lagoon was known for having to handle the worst conditions on the worst planets. Whether she felt it was an insult or an honor she never made it apparent, but she made damn sure her squad was the best it could be. That being said it often caused soldiers to think she was a nut job, but she kept them alive and cared more than they realized.

As most Togruta, Lehsa was close to her pack, and in this case her squad. To her they were like a second family and she was very defensive of them when it came to scrutiny from the military. Loyal without question to her fellow soldiers. Even though they were often afraid of her tactics, many of them still knew she had their backs.

Lehsa Vaar has been a lifelong soldier and never looked for any other career; she was right where she belonged. Loyal to the Republic, she would defend it with her life.

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