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(( RelatedBoarding Party. The following is on Tevaria, my SWTOR Agent. ))

Soldering the last of the delicate wires, Tevaria rose from beneath the command console. Outside the viewport, countless stars indicated no point in time, yet from an approaching fatigue she felt both physically and mentally, the hour was late and day long. Wiping her forehead of perspiration, the agent reconnected the power conduit and waited.

The console sprung to life. Screens flickered on, churning data and displaying the ship’s status. Tapping a keypad, Tevaria quickly took in the ship’s vitals, finding them semi-satisfactory. Keying the ship’s comms, she spoke, her tone a clipped, precise Imperial accent:

“Attention. This ship is starting its journey to Tatooine. It will arrive in approximately 0800 hours. Should you be below deck and unfortunately be one of the remaining pirates we did not slaughter during our boarding, sections of the lower deck will soon be losing electricity and life support. You have the choice to remain in these sections or shift to the more… life-sustaining portions of the deck. You will be faced with the choice of surrender or death once we reach Tatooine. I suggest you consider your options and be most compliant during lower deck ‘reorganization’. Thank you, and prepare for transport.”

Switching off the comm, she input the command for the sublight engines. The ship vibrated as the engines roared to life; stars shifted in the viewport as the ship oriented itself towards its destination. Among the points of stars in the sheer black of space, one stood out in size and a fiery orange pallor. Tatooine awaited them, visible even at this distance.

“I took over momentarily, Charles,” Tevaria said in the last direction she saw Xingeda disappear to. She could hear him rummaging and murmuring through his own repair troubles. “I will defer to the Gunstar crew’s decision on the matter of the pirates. I suggest that we conclude all major engine, shield, and weapons repairs presently once we arrive at the shipyard orbiting Tatooine. This vessel is deserving of actual flight. I will provide the resources to do so within my capability. But for now, please pardon me, I must contact and check in on matters on Tatooine, as well as update My Lord.”

With this, she clicked her heels and retreated to a quieter corner of the bridge, hailing Tatooine after establishing a communications link. She paused only to begin the first shut down sequence of the lower deck’s power and life support systems with a flick of her finger over the console.

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