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(( The following is on my SWTOR Agent, Tevaria. It’s an encrypted message with another layer of security: Specific information is redacted unless Brembal shows proof of identity, specifically his DNA signature, upon receipt. ))

Lord Brembal,

This an addendum to my latest routine report. I thought it prudent to note notable activity that has occurred in regards to our allies and your most recent acquisition.

Our mutual ally Captain Rees has [ – section is redacted – ].

Analyzing this pattern, there are three theories to be derived from such actions, assuming Rees� daughter�s age correlates with her break from [ – redacted – ] and with a 3% margin of error:

[ – section is redacted – ]

I will continue work gathering information on Rees. Given the nature of intelligence and the due time and diligence required, it may be some time until my next addendum. 

However, I must also add that any intelligence gathering I collect for you is secondary to the assignments granted to me by My Lord Ishya. I assure you that any task My Lord assigns me ahead of yours is for the good of the Empire and mutual interests are served.

I will also be transparent and note My Lord grows increasingly concerned by your fixation with Rees and how it potentially could distract or harm our alliance. I relay this message to convey that My Lord intends to speak with you directly on this matter. She also wishes to convey that she hopes for a clearer understanding of intent and a stronger alliance between our Empire and more Republic-minded allies. Only through a show of force will Zakuul�s oppression be broken and stability be restored to the galaxy.

With this passing of My Lord�s wishes, I conclude my report. Addendums to follow after prolonged intelligence gathering or at the whims of My Lord�s will.


Agent Tevaria

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