Mister Halonon is a belly danser and pilet now. His father tuk all his money away so he had to find wurk. He luves flying so thats gud. I didnt no he culd danse but aparently yew need to danse in kombat. It makes no sense to me. Viesa and Mister Halonon were going to go stab Zatul in the bak of the nek and I was going to trayn with Miss Bedisa but Missis Captin Jaky desided to teech Viesa and me how to fly on a flying simulayter. I wached and lerned like Meggy tawt me. it was fun! But then Viesa was mad at me bekuse she had trubel. But she is much beter than me at flying. I tryed to tell her. All I did was copie the things Missus Captin Jaky did. I didnt now what eny of the butons did. I just presed the ones Missis Captin Jaky presed. Viesa nows wat the butons do and there are so manie of them so its confuzing. Viesa says I cood fly a reel ship but I csnt. Unles the butons are egzakly like the ones in the simulauter. Mister Salt is not a bad gye. Viesa sayz hes nise. Mister Halonan sayz I need to ask him were Missus Peper is. I dont noe hoo that is but ill try to remembir to ask neks tym. There is anuther dokter to but I dont noe wye we need him sense Viesa is the best doktor in the galexie. Maybee the new doktor wil be her asistent. 

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