I need to fiks my reeacshun when somone says the word master. I know it dosent meen the same thing to the jedi as it did when I was a slave but every time somone says it I flinch. I cant evin say it out lowd myself. I tried to call Miss Saje master bekase she is now but I cood barely get the word out of my mouth. Miss Saje is my Jedi master bekase Mister Dubiriva said I had to meet her and she said that Viesa cood still teech me but I need another teecher to. I still dont no wyh I need another teecher when Viesa is the best and smartest Jedi aroond, but it was cleer that I wasnt going to win the argument so I gave up. I wanted Miss Bedisa to be my master but she is to busy so Miss Saje is my Jedi master now. She said I cood call her Miss Saje insted of master but thats what they call Jedi teechers so I am going to try to say it out loud. Viesa was on an asinment with Miss Jaky to someplace caled Overwatch. Ive never herd of it. Neether were there wen I met with Miss Saje. Maybe things wood have turned out difrent if they had ben there. Viesa cood have told them abot the time she brawt the man bak to life. I dont think Miss Saje beleeved me but I saw it. Ice creem is evil. 

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