Waffles are evil. 

They burn your mouth. 

They’re not as evil as ice cream.

Only the mouth gets hurt, not your whole head. 

Viessa will be able to fix them, just like she fixed ice cream. 

Viesa is the best at everything. 


Master Sage says to focus on one thing. 


Waffles are evil. 

Mister Dubrivoa gave me them. 

He also gave me the ice cream. 

Why does he keep trying to hurt me?

I must have made him mad. 

Maybe when I yelled at him and Mister Aerytaral for being mean to Viessa. 

That was when he got the ice cream. 

I should apologize to him for yelling.

Then maybe he will stop trying to hurt me with evil food. 

But he was mean to Viessa. 

They both were. 


Think about only one thing. 


Waffles are evil. 

I wonder how this is supposed to help train me. 

I can picture the waffles. 

But they don’t make me feel the force. 

Rum does. 

And other drinks. 

Alcohol helps you feel the force. 

Maybe I should drink while meditating. 

But no one else does that. 

Maybe once you’ve felt the force enough, you can get that feeling without drinking. 

It’s practice. 

Alcohol helps you learn how the force is supposed to feel like. 

Once you know that, you can feel it without drinking. 

That makes sense. 

I’ll try it. 

I think I feel something. 

It’s kind of like drinking. 

It’s the same feeling I get when I move stuff with the force. 

That also makes sense. 

If I concentrate on that feeling…oh, wait. 

I’m supposed to focus only on one thing. 

Forget all that. 


Waffles are evil. 

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