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Sounds like you’re starting at the bottom. Don’t let it tug on you. Pretty much anytime you start somewhere new you start with nothing. It’s kind of a weird thing but consider that a life lesson for you. You’re probably going to see it again sometime. You just can’t carry all your good shit from one side of the galaxy to the other. Give them time to warm up to you and don’t be a dick. You know, the one that talks only about boobs, drank shit liquor, and used to think credits bought everything.

Okay, Halo. Just reread what I typed there. You’re that bad anymore. Not knocking you as you are now. Just a little reminder of the walking penis you used to be sometimes. Still, pretty sure there will be a few hot shots in the Fleet that’ll go for that kind of stuff. Be buddies or even hook up. Man or woman. Going to give you another life spoiler: Not worth it. That’s not me staking a claim, Halo. Pretty sure I’d be shit for doing that. But take it from a retired hot shot who knows. Came out the other end of a few heartbreaks and figure I’d pay it forward.

Stay alive. The fight with Zakuul is no joke. Don’t let them put a scrub on a suicide mission. You’re too good for shit like that.

As for me, paying some visits to old friends. I’ve run up a long debt on my tab and it’s time to pay up. Getting a little tired of some outstanding stuff I’ve been letting slide. Don’t worry about me. Death and I are old friends. We got an understanding going. I’m going to fix up some of my past mistakes and figured I’d do it now. Maybe I’ll have some half-decent stories next time you come around.

Fly straight, Halo. You’ll get your turn.

– J

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