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Asshole Fashion Consultant,

Send me more of that kind of stuff and next time you come around, I�m going to stuff you into it. I really hope pink is your color because it�s sure as hell not mine. 

Jokes aside, those pods are fast, Halo. And they don�t let up. Inorganics can be the worst to fly against. I�ve thought about pitting myself against them to see what they do but you�re already out ahead of me on that. I thought you said we weren�t going to race. Thanks, jackass.

But really Halo, don�t let up for a second. And remember this: They�re computers. Algorithms, probabilities, numbers, the like. Do something Zakuul junk doesn’t expect and it�ll throw off their stupid calculations. Just don�t get yourself killed in the process. 

As for losing control� Halo, that sounds like Force stuff. It�s not something I really know much about. I got a mountain of stuff to tell you but that�s the cliff. But I do know this: That anger? Yes, it�s real. It damn well should be. You jumped into the deep end of probably the most dangerous shithole in the galaxy. You�re going to lose pilots every day. It�s going to hurt like hell. And because you�re a decent guy, you want to help them. Pretty sure you want to do whatever you can. And if I had to guess, that had something to do with it. You definitely did something but you lost control, and that�s pretty fucking scary. Of all the things in the galaxy, not having control is probably the top of a lot of peoples’ lists when it comes to scary. Sounds like you need to get control again. 

Halo, don�t let the death get to you. It�s probably going to keep coming. But that doesn�t mean you got to go along with it. This also counts for you dying. If you die, walk it off, pussy. You need your comeuppance for those damn leather pants you sent me. You can�t issue a challenge like that and speed off into a black hole or something.

And you know, not really used to talking to someone in a more dangerous place than me. Not sure if I like this competition. I�m going to have to step up my game or something. 

I�m trying to make you laugh a little but I�m pretty sure I�m shit at it.

Anyway, doing my own thing here. Following a few leads to pay old friends a visit and checking out some Zakuul hits as well. Not sure if these trips will ever take me to your shithole end of the galaxy, but who knows? Maybe you�ll see me at your six someday, giving those pilot skills of yours a run for your money.

I’d so kick your ass.

Fly fast,

– J

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