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(( The following is on my SWTOR smuggler, Captain Jacqueline “Jackie” Rees. It’s sent over a secure HoloNet frequency to Halonan. ))


Haven’t gotten a message from you since you were last here. Figured I’d check in. Already checked Republic military records to make sure you’re alive, so I know this message is going somewhere. Figured also you had a lot on your mind or were sent off to an even more hellish part of the galaxy. Not sure which is worse, really.

Guess it’s my turn to share. Things are decent over here. Finished an op that’s partly on the way of paying back Soult for his help years ago. We met when I was having a rough time. Really want to return the favor now that he’s the one hurting. Not sure what it’ll include, but I don’t like owing people things too long. Technically, the hard part of this payback has just started.

Also, I saw her. Still getting over it but I agree with what you said. She is beautiful. Holos really didn’t do any justice. Guess I made myself content with holos over the years. It’s also a lot more messed up than that. Felt like a fucking custody visit.

I’m ranting and that’s stupid. Kind of made a pact with myself that I’d keep your spirits up. I don’t know why I did that. It’s not like you’re a kid. Still, here’s something you’ll like: Nugget is almost a Jedi. She’s finishing up the last parts of her training. Maybe one day, you’ll see her with a real saber instead of that training stick Kentin makes her use. Won’t that be something.

This is also your regular reminder not to die. 

Seriously, don’t dick around with that.

Laters – J

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