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(( Related(RP) CHAT LOG: SWTOR The Hunt (Part 1). The following is on my SWTOR Smuggler, Jacqueline “Jackie” Rees and her estranged daughter, Vanessa. ))

Two voices talk in the night on Tatooine. One is deeper, roughed from the edges of years; the other younger, wondering, scared.

“Mom, I don’t like this bed. I want to go home.”

“Sorry, kiddo. It’s not the best bed for me, either. As for home, the ship’s getting repaired and it needs to stay where it is. Maybe we can ask the crew to bring your bed from it tomorrow so you can sleep better.”

“I don’t want my bed here, I want it at home.”

“Sometimes you got to wait on things, ‘Nessa. This is one of those times. Also, it’s late and better rest up. Both you and me need to sleep.”

“I like my new ‘Nessa name, it’s my favorite. …Mom, is Dad going to be okay? Is he on the ship?”

“No, he’s not on the ship. He’s on Corellia somewhere. That’s the planet you saw in the viewport. It’s one of the blue ones.”

“I like the blue ones. They’re pretty. And one of my holobooks said the blue planets are the best ones. Does that mean Dad’s going to be safe?”

“…They’re looking for him now, ‘Nessa. We’re going to find him and Halo. Both of them are very smart and should be safe.”

“Yes, Dad is very smart. Dad also said he needed to send me away because it was time to let you be a Mommy more.”


“…Did he?”

“Yeah, and he said he’ll see me soon, but he didn’t say when. I don’t want him to be on Corellia for a long time. I hope that soon means tomorrow or maybe the day after that.”

“We’re… working on that, ‘Nessa. Mom probably will help but right now, going to stay here.”

“I don’t want to stay here. I want to go home.”

“‘Nessa, I told you. We can’t go to the ship right now.”

“But my ship can go anywhere! Why can’t it be here?”

“Because it’s getting repaired and they need her to search for Halo and D — for Brembal. He had to leave on one of the escape pods, right? Well, the ship that jettisoned the escape pods has an easier time finding them.”


“Kind complicated, but: Each escape pod has a beacon. The ship has one, too. It’s like a holocall but not with pictures or words. They can find each other that way, even from far away.”

“So Dad needs the ship to stay safe on Corellia?”

“…Something like that.”

“Okay, Dad can have the ship for a little while but I still want my bed back.”

“I’ll ask the crew to bring it tomorrow. But that means that we need to sleep in this bed tonight. Not your favorite, I know, but just for this one night.”



“…Mom? Why are you scared?”


“You feel funny. I think it’s because you’re scared.”

“…Thinking about Halo, ‘Nessa. And a lot of other things. It’s okay, I’ll be fine.”

“I love you, Mommy.”

“Love you too, ‘Nessa. Get some sleep.”

“I hope Dad is back tomorrow. He said I’d see him soon.”

“It’s time for sleep, ‘Nessa.”



“…Mom, do you miss Dad too?”

“Vanessa, what’d I say about sleep?”



“…Mom? I want my bed back.”

Tomorrow, ‘Nessa.”



“…Mom? I miss Dad.”


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