We are at Jakilin’s hawse. I think its Jakilin’s haws. its veree big evin biger than the brathol my old mastr put me in to trayn. Today i lerned abowt nite jedi and paddy wans. Miss Bedeesa is a nite jedi wich meens she uses the forse to to akualy im not shur wat a nite jedi dus i shud have asked. Maeebee i wil wen she wakes up.Visa is a paddy wan, wich meens she is a doktor. i saw her breeng a man bak to life today. She is amazeeng. I want to lern to be a paddy wan and have to life sabers no thats lite sabers. Both Visa and Miss Bedeesa yuz to lite sabers but thay sed not evreewan duz that. Viza is goeeng to teech me to use a lite saber but first we are goeeng to praktise with vybrater sords. I am goeeng to teech her the twentee won wayz to yuz her tonge to plesher men. I dont want to do that aneemore but im hapee that sume gud wil kome from the theengs i lerned beefor. Miss Bedeesa sez i wil be a sord wuman it sowndid veree eksiteeng much beter than beeng a mersinaree like Mister Halanin sed i shud be. First i need to lern to yuz the vybrater sord and lern to medikate.

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