Theengs have ben going veree well, so I supose it shoodntt be a surprize that the end seemz neer. Vessa has ben teeching me and I have lerned so much from her. She taut me to fite with a vibro blade and promised we wood start using too of them at a time soon. But then she saed she liked Mister Halonans but and Miss Jakeline got mad and they went somewhere and had a fite or something. I dont know why it was wrong to say he had a nice but. Then Mister…Zin? Something like that. gave me a drink of his rum thats named after his ship and it filled me with a warm glow and I cood feel the force flowing like Vessa always says it shood. I tryed to use the force to deflekt a shot fron a gun, like Vessa did before, but it hit me. Miss Bedeesa heeled me, thogh, but i lerned a lot – rum helps you feel the force. For some reeson, Vessa and Miss Bedeesa seemed confused by this, but I cood feel it, like a warm glow. it feels a little dizy, but its a good dizy. 

Anyway, then i met Vessas teecher, Mister Arynthaler or something. Vessa likes him, but he was meen to her and he and the Jedi man who took the gun from me bak when i first was lerning fron Vessa said they were going to take me to Pyton. Or Tyethon. The planet where the Jedi come from, or something. Miss Bedeesa warned us not to go there, but now it looks like well have to. Unless they just take me, but i wont let them take me away from Vessa. I dont trust them – they say i need a teecher, but I already have the smartest and strongest and bravest teecher there is. Maybe they just want to take me back to being a slave. i don’t know. Vessa trusts Mister Arnythrall. I gess I will to. For now. , ps oh, there was a Seth here tonite. He could use litening. i want to use litening too. Maybe if they try to take me from Vessa, Ill go with him insted.

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