Personal Log � Major Lehsa Vaar

Republic Military

Lagoon Squad


I have served with the Republic for close to 15 years now, been to some of the worst planets and fought ridiculous odds. It�s been a hell of an adventure, but sometimes I feel like the Republic is too afraid to do what is necessary. They back down when they should fight, and they make excuses behind the walls of the Senate. But Lagoon Squad�I always made sure we were where we could do something, no matter how bad the mission was.

My CO�s never really liked me. Too reckless. Too stubborn. They always felt that I was trying to take their position away from them or that I didn�t respect the chain of command. All I ever wanted was to win the war. It�s a miracle that I was able to move up the ranks within the military. Sometimes I think I got promotions just to make me go away. Being put in Charge of Lagoon Squad definitely gave that idea a strong backing.

Lagoon Squad�the name was appropriate�is always sent to the places no one else wanted to be. Not sure if they only sent people to the squad they wanted to punish or if it�s just something that needed to exist. When I took over it was something other troopers avoided, apparently they thought I was crazy. I guess expecting soldiers to willingly face Sith or enemy force users in battle head on might be a bit crazy. I always managed, though I have some nice scars to show for it. My squad mates would always transfer as soon as they could, afraid I was going to get them killed. But I knew that the only thing the Empire would respect is to show force and a lack of fear.

I can�t think of a crappy backwater world that they haven�t shipped Lagoon Squad to before, but I always made sure we had what we needed. Republic Command hated my guts because I would argue with them to no end till I got what my soldiers needed. You would think that would earn me some gratitude, but they didn�t give me any; not that I needed it. All I need from my soldiers is the ability to follow orders and to get the job done.

Now with the Eternal Empire on our front door and the Republic hiding behind treaties again, I find myself looking to new ways to fight, and that requires new soldiers. Hopefully this new group I have come across will be what I need to hurt Zakuul. Hopefully they don�t mind my tactics. I imagine I will probably scare at least a few of them at first. Can�t wait for the Captain to check out my background, just hope she�s ok with the crazy Major of Lagoon Squad.

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