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(( Related: The upcoming SWTOR RP & Event Night. The following is on my SWTOR smuggler, Captain Jacqueline “Jackie” Rees. )) 

Her gear fit easily enough. Donning her characteristic black, Jacqueline checked over her armor suit for tears of weaknesses. In spite of many recent encounters, the armor held up well. With practiced precision, she began disassembling and cleaning her blasters, swabbing the insides of each each barrel and checking the power packs. It was almost meditative and allowed time to pass easily. Reassembling them was equally satisfying. Holstering them, she checked the holster’s release of the blaster, quickly drawing and holstering again and again, unsatisfied until a few holster modifications ensured a seamless draw.

The ship’s console lit up and beeped. A message on the display screen: Preparations complete. Go on your signal.

She responded, her message typed over her datapad: Do not wait for signal. Go at 0800 hours Core time unless you receive cancel code.

Sending the message, Jacqueline leaned back in her chair. The recipient sent a single-word affirmation message and the console went silent. Its light faded, leaving its captain alone in the darkness of the cockpit. After long moments of sitting in silence, Jacqueline rose, exited her ship, and entered the Nar Shadda headquarters.

“All right, kiddos!” she announced inside. “Get your asses together. We’re hitting hyperspace in a few hours. Time to prove we know our stuff.”

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