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(( Related: SWTOR: Bedisa’s Letter. The following is a response to Bedisa’s hand-written letter sent via a secure, encrypted line on the HoloNet. ))


In the spirit of cooperation, I’d really like Brembal to hold still while I shove my blaster up his sanctimonious ass.

And I am thinking of the kid. One day, she’ll wake up and realize just how many people fought over her and didn’t tell her the whole story. That her favorite Sith kidnapped her and is using her as ransom to get nice things. That her mother was better off dead to her than stuck as a convenient puppet. That she’s some kind of fancy prize in a big fight when all she should need to do is wake up and just be a kid. Not enough kids get that kind of life. She damn well should.

Want my cooperation? Well, can’t guarantee it. Brembal raised the stakes the second he went to kidnapping. But I see her without Brembal hovering two feet away and maybe I’ll be somewhat civil-like. And if the old Sith thinks I’ll make off with her in a barrage of gunfire, tell him he’s usually smarter than that. And also that he’s an asshole.

– J

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