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Name: Jacqueline Rees


Nicknames/Aliases: “Jackie”

Species: Human

Age: Unknown

Height: Approximately 5′ 9″/5′ 10″

Weight: Estimated 180lbs.

Hair: Dark

Eyes: Brown

Build: Muscular

Notable Marks Or Scars: Unknown

Force Sensitivity: Unknown

Confirmed Skillset: Piloting, slicing, marksmanship

Alliance: Subject has confirmed Jedi and Sith contacts. Suspected Hutt and other neutral party contacts. Data also indicates potential Zakuulian contacts but is unconfirmed. Pattern indicates allegiances of opportunity.


Criminal Record: Given occupation and skillset, criminal activity is assumed but none currently reported or known. Recommended to keep subject under surveillance to confirm. Subject is potential candidate for smuggling or mercenary work.


Security Risk: None confirmed. Recommended to monitor subject should they appear on Core Worlds. 

Background: Background on subject is very thin, only a few months old. Assumed that “Jacqueline Rees” is a recent alias and subject’s history could potentially be found in a previous data file. Recommended to cross-reference skillset, frequented locations, notable contacts, and other potential differentiators and compile list of potential profiles to match with current alias.

Mother: Unknown


Father: Unknown

Childhood: Unknown; assumed Outer Rim origin based on frequent sightings but assumption is based on six galactic months of activity. Data incomplete. Surveillance recommendation is again noted.

Sociopolitical Views: Unknown

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