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The swing tunes of the cantina floated down the lift all the way to the hanger bay. Jackie’s smirk lingered just as long. Toggling her comm, she grinned: “Ship shape, Corso. Captain’s heading back for invent –“

A swift movement from the corner of her eye cut her words short. She drew and leveled her blaster in the movement’s direction. Scowling in recognition, she pulled the trigger, releasing a hail of blaster bolts. As she unleashed hell from her main blaster, her other hand swiftly drew and leveled her second. A spent power pack clattered to the ground and she holstered her main blaster, keeping her second honed and ready.

“Hello there,” Jackie said, chipper. “Don’t get up.”

Leaning over the corpse, she plucked a holocommunicator and thumbed its controls, quickly scanning its holo contents. 

“Interesting,” she mused, still keeping her second blaster trained on the corpse. “Made some recent holocalls to my old buddy. Guess he’s finally looking for me.” Tossing the communicator into the air, Jackie pulled her blaster trigger. Sparks and melted pieces of metal was all that fell to the ground.

Turning away, Jackie holstered her remaining blaster and waved her hand. “Thanks for the tip.”

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