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(( The following follows my SWTOR Imperial Agent, Tevaria, or more colloquially known as “Tev.” ))

Pushing the final hair clip into place, Tevaria took a quick assessment of herself in the mirror. Cut strands of hair pooled at her bare feet. Braided and pulled back into a swooping bun, her hairstyle augmented her cheek bones and jawline to an acceptable degree. Leaning forward, she applied careful touches of cosmetics to exaggerate the features: Bronze to the temples, cheeks, and jawline, highlights to the forehead, eyebrow arch, apples of her cheeks, and cupid’s bow, and blended swipes of taupe to the sides of the nose to subtly alter its shape. She completed the deception with careful applications to her eyebrows, eyes, and lips. Completing her art and observing herself again, the agent nodded in satisfaction. Cosmetics were a powerful but underutilized tool and when wielded properly, appearances were perfectly deceiving.

Careful not to smudge her work, she pulled a long evening gown over her head. Its front was modest, its neckline only dipping just below her collarbone. But its back plunged to the base of her spine, her arms were left bare save long gloves that swept to her elbows, and a leg slit reached midway up her thigh. Its crimson color matched her chosen cosmetics down to the tinge of her lips. Raising the hem of her dress, Tevaria added her preferred arsenal: A 5-inch vibroblade, syringe, a small datapad, and snub-nose blaster. Compact in size and tucked into straps about her legs, the evening gown easily concealed them.

She stepped from her borrowed hotel room into the lobby. The moment she stepped into public eye, her demeanor changed. Her stride shortened and arms delicately collected at her waist, clutching a vulnerable purse that matched her gown’s color. Her expression became a mix of pride and nervous anticipation, much like any other woman anticipating an exciting evening.

Her attire inspired the desired glances she hoped for, but she spent no time flirting. Arriving at her destination, she picked her mark out of the crowd. He was an older man, his waistline soft from age but eyes no less hungry. His suit marked him as a man in a distinguished corporate job. His gaze gouged her and as she smiled and slipped her arm through his, he whispered into her ear with a pleased growl:

“You are the prize of the agency, my dear. I’d like you more often.”

Aware of the surrounding crowd, Tevaria added a light laugh to her reply, keeping her gaze full of appreciation and playful modesty. “I have many clientele and my dear Trebold, you cannot afford our exclusive rates,” she said into his ear, running a finger along his chin. “But tonight, I’m only for you. And no client of mine takes me to the beautiful places you do.”

“I could take you further, to places you never dreamed,” he told her and again she laughed, this time awarding him with a kiss on the cheek.

“Later tonight,” she whispered in his ear.

With this, Trebold nodded in satisfaction, the hunger still bared in his eyes. He signaled a taxi and the night properly began. Tevaria counted the minutes of the opera, only casually aware of its theme and music arias. She counted her date’s drinks, water included, while smiling and sipping her own. When he repeatedly hinted at the nightly activities he planned for, she silently encouraged him with altering heated and playfully modest glances. He unwittingly participated in the theater between them, assuming the only production was the one on stage and not within his very booth. As the curtain finally drew closed on the opera, Tevaria began the second act.

He swiftly drew her upstairs, his intent clear. Though outwardly willing, Tevaria silently took quick notes of surroundings as they lead up to the hotel room. She found it sufficiently empty and to those occupying the halls, the two of them were sufficiently dismissive. An older businessman and high-end escort were hardly a notable pair in downtown hotels such as this.

Within moments of shutting the room door and in long-awaited privacy, a syringe injected a knock-out drug into the man’s neck. Tevaria adjusted the dosage after quick mental calculations of his earlier drink consumption. So overcome in his base desires, Trebold was quickly overtaken and asleep on the bed, with little awareness of what occurred. 

The agent acted swiftly, setting the scene. She removed his clothes and scattered them appropriately over the floor. Pulling a sheet over his dignity, she added careful convincing touches: A spray of perfume on his neighboring pillow along with careful cosmetic smudges. The final flourish was a hand-written note on the nightstand:

You are exquisite, my dear Trebold. Let us have another night together soon. 

Retrieving his wallet from his trousers, the agent then began her true work. Taking up his data card, she plugged it into her datapad and quickly bypassed layers of corporate security. There she uncovered her target: Bank funds and credit transfers, incriminating only to the trained eye. A smile came to her painted lips and she downloaded it all, leaving a passive spike behind; a silent data observer ready to relay notice of future illegal transfers.

Returning the data card and wallet to its rightful place, she checked herself in the mirror and added a few finishing touches, precisely mussing her hair, smudging her make up, and removing one shoe. Departing into the hallway, she updated her demeanor from a deliberate agent to a drunken, giggling floozy. Eyes glanced at and dismissed her with quick, almost haughty judgement. To them, she was a girl with one too many drinks and stumbling about where she simply shouldn’t. Security was quick to remove her and hail a cab. She kept up appearances even to the cab pilot until she arrived at her own temporary residence. The moment the door closed, her theater ended like a close of the curtain and she returned to her precise self.

Shedding the costume she donned for the evening, she sent two messages from her console that night:

To Lord Brembal,

Through my investigations, I located a potential rival interested in purchasing a large amount of shares of your company with the intent of eventual takeover. He is unable to be any nuisance to you now.

I do this on my Lord’s orders and require no thanks. No half-wit executive will interfere in our operations, let alone the Sith who has become our primary benefactor. Should future, new corporate incursions be attempted, trust that I will disable such unfortunate targets just as swiftly.

– Agent Tevaria

The second message:

My Lord,

It is done. I turn my full attention to phase two and will report findings.

– T

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