The circular durasteel plate was lying several feet away from the lift that dropped into Hoth’s icy surface it had meant to be covering. It had been warped and streaked with gore like the entire opening of that prison she had built. A trail of blood that had been frozen and mostly swept away by wind disappeared into the wasteland.

Kadrissa assumed what had happened, but she was not ready to accept the fact.

The screams that had come across her holocom were still fresh in her mind, and though she had not been far from landing, it was still too late to make a difference. Only one of the specialist team was able to get a message out and stare at her with his eyes wide in horror.

Each meter the lift descended filled her with a cold dread as echoes of the last death rattles crept up the entry shaft. Like the covering from the surface, the lift and descent was just as sloppy. Coagulated pieces of brown and dark red caked the floor in a pattern that denoted a person of a large stature had once stood there.

Kadrius. She had no doubts about that. As much as she was not ready to accept that he had broken free of his prison, she had no choice. Especially as the lift finally reached the bottom.

The metal flooring was half-frozen with kolto that had spilled from the tank in a slop made of shards of glass and blood. Faces of horror were stuck in their final moments while limbs were twisted in unnatural directions that brought about a feeling of agony to set eyes upon. Their clothes, previously the pristine whites of medical professionals, were ripped and stained with their own life essence and undignified voiding. Some had wept and others were too disassembled to understand exactly what went through their mind at the time of death. An unfortunate few remained alive, still wailing so feebly that their last breaths quickly followed.

Kadrissa moved through the chamber with the dread forming into a hard knot in her belly. Her heartbeat raced, thundering against her ribs as she took it all in.

She had waited too long. Perhaps if she had only killed him sooner- It would have only been her own end as well.

Her jaw clenched so tightly that she felt her carotid pulse in her neck. Breaths came quicker as her gauntlets formed into fists and the chamber trembled. A few of the flayed bodies twitched at the faint tremor growing into a quake. The remaining powered components in the consoles popped as every muscle in Kadrissa tensed.

Fear, anger, and hatred flooded her senses and seeped into every fiber of her being. A bellow of those emotions erupted within the chamber, bursting out into the wasteland as chunks of ice broke away from the walls.

Kadrius was free and now out of her reach. Her chest ached, still adapting to the new transplant, while her heart rate reached new highs and a shaking hand reached for her comm device. All of that past agony welled up inside of her and she dropped the device before it could snap in her grip.

“Hide her!” Kadrissa had hardly waited for the line to connect before choked demands from a voice strained by terror spouted words. Silas’s grim features were normally a comfort, but at that moment, no warmth could chase away the fear. Whether he knew it or not, Kadrius had already found her daughter though the Force while searching for Kadrissa. “Stay with her! Keep yourselves secure.”

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