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(( The following is on my SWTOR Jedi, Ceddrick. I didn’t expect him to take off during his first night of roleplay, but you excellent folks created so much material. RP-wise, feel free to ICly note his night wanderings. Thank you! ))

Ceddrick lay in the cot set aside for him, staring at the ceiling. Others slept nearby, the stronghold’s cramped but pragmatic arrangements not unlike bunking with fellow soldiers on Ord Mantell. There was a welcome familiarity to it, a bridge to a former life. But the night’s events kept him awake.

“I might just be in over my head,” he joked nervously hours earlier, attempting to quell his jitters as he stood before two Sith. One emanated obvious Force strength, the other spoke with an unabashed Imperial accent. He knew this particular crew was Empire-friendly, but his nervousness pegged him for the sheltered farm boy he was. He chuckled at himself, shrugging off the bed. No rest was to be found here.

Exiting the dorm, he kept his wandering to a minimum. He hadn’t seen the full compound and was sure holocameras watched his every move. Locating what looked to be the nearest holocamera, he smiled and held up his hands. “Just looking for fresh air, no harm here” he joked at it, not expecting an answer. He wasn’t entirely sure whether anyone watched him at this moment or if the cameras were there to record for later review. Still, he kept his movements as obvious as possible, retracing his steps to the landing platform where he knew fresh air was guaranteed, or at least as fresh as the likes of Nar Shadda could offer.

The mixed swirl of air in his nostrils was akin to the swirl of emotions he felt while cooped up inside with the others. The crew was tense, their captain absent and those here each harboring their own wounds and secrets. As a stranger, he was abruptly privy to three crewmates’ deeper thoughts and found himself the sudden adviser. It was not his first time as such, friends often joked that his easy-going nature always made him the chosen shoulder to cry on, but confronted with questions on morality and the Force, it brought his own struggles to the forefront. He chuckled again, shaking his head at himself.

“This is what you signed on for, stick to it,” he told himself aloud. Boy, his Master would get a kick out of this. She let the leash tug pretty far this time, but he wasn’t ready to return tail tucked just yet. A few more tugs could still happen.

The acrid smell of Nar Shadda air eventually made him retreat inside. Within, at his borrowed bedside, a hot cup of tea waited for him. “Guess someone was watching,” Ceddrick mused. He ducked out of the dorm to raise the cup appreciatively at what he assumed was the holocamera, then returned to inside for his second attempt at sleep.

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