viza sez I yuzed the fors wen I jumt frum the shep. I dint no wat that ment but she xpland it to me and shod me how to mov things with the fors. it is hard. she is so smart and strawng and I am hapee bkuz mis jaklin sez I get to lern from viza. viza sez she wil teech me to nevr get shot, wich is gud beekuz mistr halnin sez I ned to be a mursinery but didn tel me I had to get shot.�<p style="margin:0;"><br />
</p><p style="margin:0;">I lernd that anywun hoo is red is seth. I don no if thats gud or bad. its veree confuzng. also, seth lik to put bukits on ther heds for som reesin and drink frum straws. im glad im not seth.�</p><p style="margin:0;"><br />
</p><p style="margin:0;">I am in a shep with visa an mis jaklin. mabee visa wil help me rite betr. she is so smart, she kan do anythng.�</p>

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