She walked into the red light district. A slaver jumped at her. She yelped and drew a banana from her belt and fired. The slaver jumped back and started to grow. He turned brown and sprouted ears and grew and grew until a giant chocolate bunny roared at her. She screamed in terror as it opened its mouth and crashed down at her, enveloping her in sweet delicious darkness.

She landed in the bunny�s stomach. The window of the cockpit looked out over a vast sea of stars. She strapped herself into the seat and took the controls. She punched in the coordinates and fired the hyperdrive. Moments later, Hoth appeared on the screen.

The frozen plain stretched out in front of her, so she stayed under cover of the trees. The little pool of water in the oasis was refreshing on her skin. She swam, ducked under the water. It started to swirl, and moments later became a raging whirlpool.

She was caught in its tide, but that was okay because the baby doll she held had tiny lekku sprouting from its head. She liked to flip them with her hands, flip flip flip, and watch them fall back into place. A hand reached down and grabbed the doll, and she glared up…


…into the bright sun as it beat down on the desert sands. She was parched, thirstier than she could ever have imagined. The heat started to give her a headache � it started in the front and soon spread throughout her entire head until she was sure it would split. In the distance she saw a bottle of water, and she reached out, but it was juuuussssstttt beyond her reach. She cried out and grabbed for it.


Sian woke up to the sound of something thudding to the floor. She blinked the dream from her mind. The headache remained, as did the thirst. Her tongue was swollen and seemed to fill her entire mouth. She looked around. She was in the med bay, for some reason. A glance at the floor showed her that the thudding sound had come from a bottle of water that had dropped from the side table. She grabbed it with some difficulty and took several grateful gulps, then collapsed back on the bed and, moments later, fell back to sleep, this time blessedly void of dreams.

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