The old family sword was indeed sharp enough to still lop off an ogre’s arm, to quote Alandir McBride, Lodianne’s father, who may have lost his physical ability to fight, but NOT his fighting spirit. It left her with a little nick in the leather of her gauntleted hand as she put it with the rest of Lodianne’s things. 

Wow. Still sharp…

The jewel glowed when she prayed, he had said. A magic sword. Or… And Cael blinked, considering. A sword sensitive to the Light, maybe? Hadn’t Lody been a priest before all this, a healer? 



Maybe she would ask the Justicar about it later. 

Maybe someday I will have a sword like that. 

With an amused little snort at her own folly, Cael turned, and quietly closed the storeroom door, locking it behind her. 

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