Robin sat staring at the book on the table—the book that had ruined everything. The book that could never be destroyed—never be erased. The fear…the lies…so many lies.




Snow and frigid air blew into Ceera’s toasty lab as she threw the metal door open. She paused, staring at the white-haired gnome man that sauntered in past her. “Ceera, my dear, it has been quite a while.”



She turned towards him, frowning. “Yes, it has.”



“How is it coming? I imagine…well. That brilliant mind of yours…you’ve surely figured it out.” The male gnome walked around her work table and threw his sodden cloak across a chair.



“We’ve had some problems. Nothing I can’t handle.” The door shut on its own as the two moved further into the room.



He smiled, but there was no warmth in it. “Perhaps…it is time we speed up production, hm?”



“I’m not sure that would be a good idea. I sent you my reasoning.” Ceera set out a tray of freshly baked banana and cinnamon muffins. “Isn’t that sufficient?”



He smiled again and took a muffin, pushing an envelope across the table with his other hand as he did.



Ceera picked it up and skimmed the contents. Once. Twice. The letter disappeared in a flash of fire. “So, that’s how it is.”



The other gnome smirked. “That’s how it is.”




The warlock’s pigtails bobbed cheerfully with each step as she walked through the dark corridors of Ironforge. Another, smaller pink-haired gnome girl fell into step beside her and spoke softly. “Mother sent for me…I’m to go with you.”



“I expected she might.” She paused, adjusting her black robes. “Erin, remember to do what you’re told and we’ll get along just fine.”



Erin smiled. “Selena, why would I do anything else? I do what Mother expects of me. It’s you that should be worried, honestly.” She skipped ahead, giggling.



“And why is that?” She muttered something about petulant children and quickened her pace to keep up with Erin.



“Because…because…you’ve been playing with our toys all on your own.”



Selena froze in her tracks and peered into the darkness of the Forlorn Cavern. “What? Am I going to get a stern talking to? Are you going to tell?” She turned her gaze to Erin’s unnervingly joyful, sparkling blue eyes.



Erin twirled to a stop and stood facing Selena, hands clasped together in front of her white dress. “No. I like the game this way.”



“Hmph. Game. Indeed. Let’s go, we’ll be late.”




Starheart stood in the Cathedral District, running a finger over the white band on her left hand. This was where Min had asked her to marry him. The nearby lamp flickered. “Min…Min…?”



No one responded to her call, no shadows moved. Star shuddered as tears began to fall.

We’ll find each other…we’ll find each other. We always…always…why can’t I find you? Why…



“Why…why…can’t…I find you? Why…why…aren’t you here?” She stared at the Cathedral. She’d never been a big believer in the Light. “WHAT?! IS THIS SOME SICK JOKE?!” She picked up a pebble and tossed it at the giant structure. It didn’t even scratch the surface.






She picked up another rock to hurl at the building and stopped. Years ago Min had chosen he would rather face death…rather than live without her. He’d given up everything. Everything for her. He’d almost died. For her. She let the rock fall to the ground as she thought of all the others that had died by her hand. For her. For her own enjoyment.



Min…please help me…I love you. Please come home.




Relina and Robin kept to the shadows, watching Ciera weep openly beside the Cathedral. Robin spoke first. “She’s lost without him.”



Rel nodded, pulling Robin back behind one of the surrounding buildings. “Yes, she is. But it isn’t just her that needs to be talked about…I’m not your mother, but…”



“You need to go to her, Relina. You are her mother.”



“Robin, I’m worried about you.”



“I’ve made my peace with things. She needs someone more than I do right now. Min is…something to her that I can’t pretend I understand. Even when I felt it.”



“Robin y—“ Rel blinked at the empty spot Robin had just occupied. She sighed. “You can’t hide it all forever, girl. It will destroy you.”



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