“We’ve had our latest mission go off with a modicrum of success. We saved some people, yes, but we were outplayed by a rather overdramatic, self important buffoon. And I don’t mean Palawa Joko. One Galleyranx the Render of Souls, and Eater of Dreams, one of his Awakened Generals. Possibly a lieutenant.” Riathan pulled the pencil from the parchment in front of him. He leaned back in his sturdy chair, well padded to add a bit of comfort from the necessary tedium of paperwork. The latest update was a minor one, but one that promised greater things. “While it was a minor set back, we had a major step forward in another area. The interest of potential new members. Many new faces, and thus new allies to join in our fight against the Dragon’s, and now more eminently a threat, Palawa Joko. ” Riathan jotted down the new names to the roster. “Our ranks grow.” He said to himself, rather happy at that. 

It meant their mission was attractive enough to gather other’s of a like mind. It meant they were doing the right thing, the right way. At least for him. Now he had to have hope that it would be enough.

A knocking at the door turned his attention up as his cousin Rynn stepped into the room. The deadeye leaned against his desk, pulling back her long duster-style coat and laid her rifle against it, propped up. “Seems you all have been quite busy in my time away.” She looked over the roster. “Quite a few new names as well. Are we officially recruiting.” Riathan smiled at Rynn, a proud look on his face, even puffing out his chest a bit as he spread his arms out to rest them on the chair. “Potentially four new recruits. And a couple that recently joined and went on their first mission. You’d like the Asura. Pikko. ‘Never Captiulate’ I believe his her battlecry.” Rynn laughed, shaking her head. “I don’t doubt it. Maybe I’ll be around next mission to meet the new crew. This looks good on you by the way, Ria. Haven’t seen you this happy in hopeful in a long while.” He nodded his agreement, sipping some tea, then looking at his report, folding it up and placing it in a folio with the other mission reports, filing it away for now. “So, tell me about what you’ve been up to, with your last bounty hunt.” Rynn smiled, leaning back in her own chair, which she’d pulled from another desk. “Lemme tell you about the Awakened.” Riathan chuckled, leaning back as well. “I think we have some tales to swap then.”

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  • Ari
    February 4, 2018 at 4:55 pm
    Nice little slice of life here. Good to see Rynn is not inundated with paperwork -- yet. :P Now, what are the Awakened?
  • February 7, 2018 at 1:36 pm
    Undead minions "blessed" by Palawa Joko, the undead Lich who we met back in GW1. He has been the ruler of Elona, the area were in for the expansion for about 250 years.

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