When I became able to stand, I left my bed as soon as possible. I saw the village, it was being rebuilt by the people. It was tough work, recently, because the drought had broke, and torrents of rain proceeded to follow in those days. In some places, a man could disappear in the mud. Wooden planks lined the walkways of the village, giving support and structure to the paths. I walked along the wooden planks, slowly, gingerly taking each step and taking my time. People stopped, wished me well, asked if I needed any help, smiled at me. Everyone knew the son of Beren, everyone wanted me to get better. As the eldest, they suspected I was to take my father's place once able. I was considered a hero by the people, but I knew better. I was lucky, lucky to be alive, and lucky for my idea to have worked. The true heroes were the men who went with me and the men who stood on the walls. 


I got to the walls and saw that the holes were already mended and being refortified. The Trolls would not be able to march on the village again until the rain, and mud, had subsided. As I stood there, Garm's father walked up behind me. Brandis, Garm's father, stood quietly behind me. I heard his boots upon the planks and did not, could not, turn to look at him. It was quiet, save for the rain beating upon the world around us. Only two words were said between us, and they did not come from me. "I understand." I heard boots upon the wooden planks slowly faded away.


I spent several minutes, looking at the wall. My mind was disoriented, thoughts raged inside and I thought I would go mad, but it subsided. My thought grew languid, and I could focus again. I knew that I needed to train. I was capable as a warrior, yes, but I needed to improve and grow stronger. I knew my family would understand when I told them I had to leave. If not when I told them, then when I returned home after my journey a stronger man. Davak could take over for father. He was a brave man, if a little young. I turned from the walls and slowly made my way back home. I found my bed and laid in it, resting for the confrontation to come.


When I woke up, I went to my father. My mother was tending to him and there were arguing about something, but ceased when I walked in. My father looked at me and grinned.


"You will be taking over, son. You will have to lead the men, watch over the people of our village. I will support you, as much as I can and will mentor you in this regard, of course." Beren chuckled at that, and merely accepted that I would pursue this path with him, however he was wrong. I cleared my throat quietly.


"Father, I am leaving the village. I am going to travel south, maybe find a couple towns and seek out any training I can find. I have made up my mind on this, and hope to go with your blessings, but will leave nonetheless."


My father immediately gave me a death-filled glare, as if he could change my mind by staring at me, but I did not shift, I did not squirm. I stood there, resolute and still as I waited for their words. My father stood up, and walked over to me. He was taller, by far, and my mother began to sob. I winced, inwardly, expecting to be hit. The blow never came. He said one thing, "Then leave." I walked out of their room, and to my own and began to pack. I turned as I heard Davak enter the room, and nodded at him. He nodded back to me, and waved and then left. It would be many years before I saw my family again. And I would never see my father again, alive.



Recent events have forced me to change topics, so a time lapse is needed here. I record these events down so that I may remember them and not forget what has occured.


I, Sielic Trugran, have withdrawn from the Legion. Where once, my shadow fell over in a protective umbra, concealing that which needed to be, now there is only the exposed truth. My hand has been forced, my mind made up by the actions of others. My once allies want to call my loyalty into question? They easily forget that I have been the shadow of the Legion almost since it began. I participated in many raids, and have used my many contacts and allies within Stormwind to divert attacks on the Legion. Where my actions are not publicly known and announced, they are just as important to any faction. There always has to be a shadow.


My loyalties called into question, my desire to have the Legion prosper called into question, and my work to better the Legion and my stance on how the Legion should proceed cast off and disregarded by the Baron himself. This is how service is rewarded, I observe now. I am legitimately surprised at how… ignorant these men I have served with and under can be. How can they not see that the cultists, while a threat, are not deserving of death until properly convicted. The Legion's ranks swell with hotheads and vigilantes, ever ready for a fight. I admit, I have had many brawls in the city that came close to death for my opponent and myself, but this is too much. Men, whom I used to consider good men, are itching for a fight, bristling at every comment as if a poisoned barb meant to slay them where they stand. They react, quickly and aggressively, to every threat, whether true or imaginary. And the Baron does not crack down on this.


The Legion has become preoccupied with its own demons and the cultists within the city, and has lost its way. They think I abandoned the Legion? Where are they anymore? They no longer support what we set out for. We still raid the Horde's supply lines and settlements, but there is more emphasis on these blasted cultists. Why do they continue to try and fight that which they cannot? Soldiers are not equipped to police the city, keep the peace, and root out the cults. Soldiers are trained for combat and the laws of the battlefield and not the laws of a city. Why the Baron wants to push this issue and approve his men for activity in the city, I will never understand.


Now, this shadow needs to find a new alcove to withdraw to.


One good thing to come of this is the discovery of like minded individuals. Velhari and Zacheus, two people I never… socialized with much before have proven to be stalwart allies and supporters of my views on the Legion currently. I do not ask them to follow me as I ostracize myself, but I do hope that where I am weak and tired of these efforts, that they can remain strong and do not crumble and eventually push the Legion back onto its proper path. This, I hope fervently.



I find myself changed. I have long been on a path of self improvement. I understand my past sins, and I know that I must atone for them. Many months ago, I began to pray within the Church when I could. The Light, so misunderstood by some. I finally had an understanding of it. It helped me through this time, it was the catalyst that set me upon my path today. I seek not only to improve myself, but to redeem myself. To prove myself worthy of these friends and allies and more. I have committed crimes in my past, heinous crimes. I have murdered men and women in cold blood. Their lives are on my hands, and always will be. I continue to carry them with me wherever I go. I always will.


Is it so hard to believe in redeption? This cult, it is not the ultimate step in evil. Mislead, confused men and women join and leave its ranks constantly, almost daily. We know this, and yet we make these cultists our enemy with no other recourse but capture, trial, and execution. There are other ways. There is a new organization rising, and while I am wary of it, I believe that they are the answer to some of this problem. Cultists were men and women of the Alliance, more often than not, before they became of the cult. They may have been brainwashed, influenced magically, coerced. They need our help because they are our brothers and sisters, yet.


I am on a path to redemption, is it so hard to believe that I would offer the same to others? So many people in my life have influenced me in my decision to walk this path. They have shown me the path, whether they know it or not. I will always remember their influence in my life at this time. Some have made simple contributions, others more complex.


Taldrus Dawnfield, a man I once tried to assassinate while he was alone and troubled by his own problems. Blood for money, that was all I wanted. The encounter with him left me wounded, nearly fatally and I knew I had to stop this, if only out of survival at that point. The first step made to redemption, made blindly and at another motive. Now, this man sees me in the city of Stormwind and does nothing. He holds no apparent grudge to me, and I am grateful that he does not pursue this line of inquiry with me. More grateful that he could ever know.


Arialynn Maewood, a staunch ally in my current attempts to try and keep the city of Stormwind balanced and prepared for any conflicts that may come its way. She has shown genuine concern for my well being, despite what who I am. She may not know of my crimes, but to show concern for a man, even a stranger is a testament to her character and a great boon to a man like me. Perhaps one day, I will be able to honor her for this.


Valarian Angelos, this man who recently became such a supporter of the Legion. He has shown me that, despite my crimes, despite how cold blooded I once could be, I am now disgusted by the prospect. No matter what he claims, I know what I saw that night and I know what this man is capable of. I only hope that the Legion is able to reign him in before he causes true, permanent harm.


Janderius Reed, this man. I still count him as a friend, no matter how he sees me. I do not doubt that he is angry at me for many reasons. I can only guess at his motives, but I know that, one day, he will understand. I have not abandoned the Legion. I merely believe, and understand, that the Legion should be aspiring to improve itself, and not dirty itself by descending into the politics of the city. One day.


Zacheus Arclight, a brilliant mind, albeit a Gnome. He has been a voice in support of my own views, and where I am weak and cannot stand to remain where I am unwanted and unheard, Zacheus is strong and is working to hammer the Legion out into the noble sword it once was.


Velhari Demare, the words, normally so swift and efficient, fail me in my way to describe her. She has been like a gift directly from the Light in these days. I find myself caring for her, I do not know if I always have, I merely know that I do now. She shares in my views and my fears for what could happen. She has been there for me. Davak was murdered, and she was there. I have long been dealing with self loathing and trust issues, and she has been there for me. I want to be there for her, and hope she realizes how I feel for her. One day, maybe we can take another step, together, but until then I will always be there for her when she needs to cry, when she needs to be weak. I will not judge her, and one day, I hope she will not judge me.


These days, I must persevere. I will not abandon my path for anything. The Legion, as it was, was righteous, honorable, and loyal to its members. Now, it seems like it is more about image to the public. No disruptions in public, trying to make our actions legal, it is all for naught. Our focus is in the wrong area, and I only hope Ben Monroe will see that, before he becomes the Red Baron in actuality, and in the blood of the Alliance, instead of only the blood of the Horde.

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