I write now, only to confirm that what occurred last night was not a dream, but reality. I have been stressed, as of late, as have many people, and the Ball last night was a fantastic way to relieve some stress and relax. I started preparations by penning a letter, asking Miss Demare to be my date to such an event, however she declined. I frowned, reading her response but it mattered little. I knew that I would still be able to find and talk to her if needed. I got dressed up for the event, a little upscale for my normal tastes, but I did not want to offend Kelsus, a friend and in charge of the Court, the host of the ball. I met up with Velhari, coincidentally, in front of the the entrance, and we chatted with Salixa a little, and her date. While in line, we chatted idly as we waited and once inside, started running into familiar faces. Hellos and goodbyes were exchanged, and then I parted from Velhari and went upstairs. The event was rather crowded, and a little loud, but enjoyable nonetheless. I kicked Taldrus' shin, just to see if he really was fully armored at the event and proved my suspicion. Sometimes, I believe he may be more metal than man. I ran into Tiderion, and Harkin! I was surprised to see him in the crowd, and he sought me out and we attempted to exchange greetings, but the crowd swept away my words in a tumultuous wave of gossip and chitchat. I was sorry to see Harkin take offense and walk off, and hope to see him again soon to make amends.


I also ran into Zacheus, whom seemed to be infatuated with a female gnome. Unfortunately, I never caught her name, despite being told it a few times, I am sure. Eventually, I ran into Kelsus and greeted him, embracing him and kissing both his cheeks. After some pleasantries, I left his company and mingled, meeting with a few people. Dedaru, for instance, who was with two other beautiful women, one being Miss Shadowcrest, whom I really should contact about purchasing some supplies. I spent a few moments here, complimenting them on their outfits before I returned upstairs and danced with some other people for a time. An impressive light show was put on on that dance floor, and I let loose, enjoying the moment, and pulling Velhari in at one time. 


Before too long, the fireworks show was about to begin. I joined Velhari on the rooftop and she was saddened that it was raining. She had chosen to wear a very gorgeous white dress to the event, and looked positively radiant, but the color did not mix well with rain, I am told. I grinned to her, and with a flourish, produced a umbrella. It was compact when needed to be, but large enough for a few people. I offered to shield her from the rain and we sat together, enjoying a marvelous fireworks display from the Court. Oohs and aahs were to be had, and I gave Miss Demare a small hug during the event, glad to have her company. Once the display, which the Court had obviously worked towards developing and perfecting for a long time, Zacheus approached us, discussing the Inventors Fair of the Legion. I had not heard of it, and was not completely concerned for it, but nodded to him, listening. Afterwards, Velhari and I went downstairs, hanging around the event until the Court closed it up.


Velhari offered to take me where I felt like going, because I had been suffering a noticeable headache from overexposure to the lights and sounds of the event. I asked if we could travel to Darnassus, I was familiar with the area and she agreed that the quiet could help me out. What began as a way to relax soon turned towards other topics, though, as we sat down in a guest room in the city, and talked. Velhari, I learned, used to be an Argent Dawn member and I was honestly surprised. We discussed her past for awhile before Velhari asked me of my own, of recent events, and how I became a Worgen. I related the tale, while will be recorded separately due to length, but it turned towards educating Velhari on the Worgen Curse. She was woefully uneducated about it, believing we were contagious and that, if we sneezed on her, she would become cursed. While humourous at first, I soon realized that she was serious and began to try and educate her on the truth. We left the guest room, leaving on another walk around Darnassus, and its beautiful trees and buildings. We spoke of many things, and eventually found ourselves looking over a waterfall.


Velhari took that moment to prod me in the back, and it soon became a childlike game of tickles and branch poking. Oh, the spectacle we must have been to the Elves and any who may have witnessed this tumble and struggle for who could tickle and poke the other. After many laughs, we both remained near each other, laying upon a bed of leaves, as it were. Darnassus is coated in them, more than Stormwind's roads are made of stone. I leaned in close, at this time, and smiled at her. I told her that I was not contagious, and I honestly hoped she would believe me, and in a move that took me by surprise, she leaned even closer, our faces touching and parts before I kissed her. There was a moment where our lips embraced, and it was blissful. In that moment, I truly felt happy with her and then the moment was over, and she looked at me, her eyes locking with my own as we spoke without words. We both knew what was on each others' minds, and she kissed me again, returning the affection I lavished upon her. After some time, we looked to each other and nodded, speaking of the future and what this could mean. 


I know one thing it means for me. Happiness.



I grow fatigued with these games. I am pleased to hear the Legion turns its eyes from the city and will begin to obey the laws set forth, but disturbed that so much dissent and anger still remains. Janderius has not treated me like the friend he claims he wants to keep. He eyes with my disgust, anger. I can see it gleaming in his eyes, but why? Is it truly jealousy? I pray that the man is not so petty. I want him to understand that he has one option. Stand by and be happy for whatever happens. Whether Velhari and I remain together or not, I have known happiness. I am glad for that fact, and yet Janderius always seems to sour the atmosphere. I truly care for the man I once called friend, the man I once got drunk with and brawled in the streets with. Where did that Janderius go? All I see from him now is spite and apologies. He cannot have it both ways, and I have grown fed up with his anger towards me. I hope he learns to manage it, and release it, because I do not want to deal with it anymore, and Velhari's patience wears even thin.


What truly disturbs me the most is Monroe. He does not see what has happened, but I have been around for many conversations and arguments that he has had with Velhari where he reduces her to tears. He tears away at her pride, her self esteem, and does so, truly believing that he is doing her some kind of favor. I, also, miss the Ben Monroe who was a friend, an ally. Not some leader worried about public appearance and submission. I know that, deep inside, Monroe is still the same man he once was. His ideals have not changed. He is still a man of the Alliance, and loyal to the King. He would lay down his life to protect the Kingdom and its peoples, but lately, I have observed him tackle his same dilemmas from a different perspective. It is like he has given up all hopes of allying with other factions and organizations, and merely drives his point forward without care for who is impaled by it. He dismisses the Templars as worthless in their neutrality, and while that is no different than before, it is given new context when he chooses to actively work against their goals. I see trouble in the future, and can no longer contain my rage for the man I once choose to serve and support. While my concerns for him comes primarily for on the behalf of the cause I fight for, and believe the Legion used to fight for, my anger for him comes from his abuse of Velhari. I wish he could see the damage he was causing to Velhari, and then, maybe, he would abstain from doing so. A man can dream.


Kilaa, my thoughts for you that I now record are ones of worry and fear. For you and your own. You have extended an offer to join your family, and I will forever call you sister, if not by blood then by deed, but I truly hope your rage does not consume you. You are on a dangerous quest, and I hope to help you when I can, but I know you will stubbornly resist any offering I give. Please, do not forget that you are family to me, and that you will have family and friends, always. Do not give up hope. 


Velhari, I hope that you can find the strength within that I know you possess. You are stronger, by far, than I, and only need to realize it. You hold the power to your happiness, your life. Yet you keep allowing others to take it from you. Monroe does not deserve to hold the sway over you that he does with the abuse he gives you, verbally, and yet, each time, you come back. He can never truly crush your spirit, and for that, I am glad, but I am saddened that you still let him. Your emotions are always so evident, and your heart is both your greatest gift and curse. Where you can find sympathy for others within, you cannot find the empathy from those around you. You give of yourself, constantly, again and again, until you are burnt out and need to rest. I admire your determination, but can only wonder where it will lead you. I would be glad to help you on your path, and have tried to do so. Now, I only hope you will continue to let me walk beside you.


As a last note, for these pages, I have met Akilana, and been amazed and humbled by her devotion to the Light, and grasp of her surroundings. She always seems to catch the slightest tell, the faintest clue, and zones in on it, tearing away at anything besides the very truth and heart of the matter. I only hope to be good friends with her, and have her on my side.


One day, maybe, I will make these pages publicly known to the men and women who frequent them.



As events begin to settle, I begin to pen the words I set forth to write out at the beginning. I sit here, between Sister Kilaa sleeping, and Velhari asleep on the other bed. We are watching Kilaa as she recovers, and trying to take care of her. I hope she pulls through, I would hate to lose my Sister to this… Voice.


Now, I was interrupted writing about my journeys to the south, and seeing other human settlements, such as Southshore. I did not plan to spend any time within any established settlements, but found myself stranded in the city of Southshore. I did not have the gold to purchase passage on a ship, nor could I travel along the nearby roads for bandits and other dangers had made them dangerous to travel without armed escort, which cost more than passage on a ship. I sighed, approached the local innkeeper and asked if there was some work I could do for him to earn a place to stay. He smiled at me, told me of how he hadn't been renting many rooms lately, and could spare one if I could fetch him some firewood. He grinned, nodding, and said that they could always use more firewood. I nodded to him and left out the back, a woodaxe over my shoulder and looked for any fallen trees.


After some time, I found a fallen tree and began to chop it up. Afterwards, I dragged several pieces of wood to the inn and the innkeeper thanked me and showed me to a room. I undressed, bathed, dressed again in lighter clothes and laid in the bed, staring at the ceiling for many hours. I sighed at the situation and began to wonder when I heard a knock at the door. I stood up and walked over, opening the door and there was a woman there. She eyed me, appraisingly, and for a moment I was confused, and then she handed me a letter and left. I opened the letter, and pulled out the paper, reading it over.


            "I am a man of means to get you on your way. You will not find a way to head south without my help at this time, and I doubt the innkeeper will hire you on permanently. Should you desire to make some real money, I could use the help of someone who is not… local. You are not known, and would not be known were you to act on my behalf. I will await you on the northern edge of town, behind the oldest tree in the area."


I thought about it for a moment, and decided that it could not hurt. I redressed in my leathers, better protection from the cold of night and darker in color so that I could not be observed as well as if in my clothes. I traveled to the north end of Southshore, and looked around, but saw no one. I leaned up against the tree, and blinked a few times, continuing to look around. Suddenly, a man seemed to appear in front of me and I jumped in surprise. The man looked me over, appraisingly, reminiscent of the woman earlier.


He nodded, and said, "You'll do." And then all I knew was darkness, I felt myself fall to my knees and them slump down into the earth, but nothing more. 


It would be sometime before I awoke, in a strange room that I had never seen before and I looked around. There was a window and I looked outside and saw that it was daytime again. I went to open the door, and found it locked. I paced around the room, looking down when I realized I was no longer in my leathers. I took a second, and searched for them in the room. The dresser was empty, nothing under the bed. I was confused. I was not in my clothes, and my leathers were gone. I was in… some sort of fine silk clothing and it felt strange to my skin. The bigger concern was that someone had stripped and dressed me while I was unconscious.


I sat upon the bed and began to think, when the door opened and the woman from before walked in. She carried my bundle of clothes in one hand, and the leathers in the other and smiled at me, knowingly. I shivered inwardly, but eyed her, keeping my confusion as hidden as I could. She merely set both bundles in the dresser and nodded.


"They needed to be washed." With that, she left the room and the door was kept open. I decided to muster some courage, and went to step outside and found myself in a hallway, lined with a few doors. I wandered around, and managed to make my way outside. I looked around, and found myself in some kind of secluded compound, some small buildings with a large amount of tents. It looked like it may have been abandoned before it was taken over by its current inhabitants. Some of the buildings looked like they had not been cared for in a long time, and I continued to look around. I saw no one for more than a few seconds, and realized that most people where just not here. They were outside of the camp, for whatever reason. I came across open tents, bedrolls, and many things and became more and more confused. 


When I thought I could be no more confused, the man from the night before showed up. Again, taking me by surprise, and he grinned.


"You're training begins in an hour. You are going to be a highwayman, and judging from your appearance, a great one at that. I am in charge here, and if you disobey, then you will find yourself missing fingers and limbs quickly. I suffer no slight against me, and I will personally oversee your training. Be prepared to pack up all your things. Camp will be collected again tonight, and we will be moving. We can never stay around for too long."

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