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Stormwind Stockade, High security wing.

Present Day.

    The prison has been quieter lately.  Normally the inmates are rowdy, and rude doing whatever they can to make the guard�s day harder�f*** all else to do behind bars… but lately however it�s been different.  Most of the inmates have been as quiet as church mice.

    Cuz of the witch�s monsters.

    It�s been huntin.  The ones it don�t kill end up here beaten to hell.  Most so badly they can�t even stand up to cause a ruckus… and it ain�t like them healers are going to put much effort into helping us criminal types.  

    I glance across the way to the cell opposite of mine.  The occupant let�s out another gooey cough as he lays on his bed groanin in pain.  He was the first.  The one that told all the others his story.  How he and his partner tried to rob the black haired witch of the mage district and she conjured up a demon.  Well that�s not exactly how he tells it but it�s what makes sense.

Ever since I�ve seen more and more like him comin in, and they all talk about the same thing.  A creature like an elf but too large to be one, impossibly strong, and utterly brutal.  Light above some of them stories are so scary sometimes I�m actually GLAD I�m locked up in here.

I hear the familiar squeak and grind of the hallway gate openin.  I glance over to get a look at the new arrival but this time there ain�t one.  Just two guard.  They walk past my cell out of my field of view probably to the cell next to mine.  A newer fella is there, only been here a ten days or so.  He was beat to hell and talkin about the monster, and others in league with him.  

�Prisoner number one five four nine, come to the bars and hold out your hands so we can cuff you.�

The prisoner groans like he has to make a great effort to compile in fact it sounds like it takes him at least a good minute to limp over to the bars.  �Where am I goin?�

I hear the click of cuffs being locked then the grinding noise of a cell opening.  �Interrogation room four.  Someone wants to speak with you.�

    The two guards walk the guy out, one on each side holding him up as he stumps along and bloodly hell!.. he�s worse even than the guy across from me.  He�s limpin on both legs, covered with so many bandages he looks like a mummy from those Hallow�s end decorations, I think he left ear was torn clean off along with part of his scalp,  and the guards are clearly straining to keep him on his feet all put carrying the poor bastard.  At one point he grimaces in my direction and I can see literally all of his front teeth have been knocked out.  It takes them a good two minute to make the thirty second walk to the gate.

    Now as it so happens interrogation room four is on the other side of the back wall of my cell.  On days when it�s quiet like it is now and with my ear in just the right spot I can hear what�s goin on in there.  Naturally with nuthin else to do I listen in.

    Eventually I hear the sound of the door opening, footsteps walking in then the door closing.


    A high pitched voice speaks.  �By Bronzebeards bronze beard!� you look like you ran into a rampaging bull-a-tron 9000 while wearing various shades of red.� The voice is clearly that of a male gnome.

    �It�s that damned witch�s monster that done this to me, but who are you two?  What�s all this about?�


    The gnome speaks again.  �Ah introductions� of course I�m Agent Cloakbolt, and this is my partner Agent Arcwind.  We�re with SI 7.  As for what this is about��

    I think I hear papers ruffling like a book or folder being opened.

    A different voice speaks, it�s regal like an elf probably agent Arcwind.  �We want to know how you ended hanging upside down over cliff near Stormwind harbor with evidence of a five recently dead bodies nearby.�

    �I already told ya� it�s was that damn Fel spewer�s monster!  It nicked me and my boys killed�em all and woulda killed me to if it hadn�t been for the two other fellas that showed up.�

    I hear the papers ruffling again.  �I read the statement you gave the Stormwind authorities� frankly these claims are outrageously ridiculous.�

�Yeah.. but that�s wha happen.  I swear on the Light and me own mum I ain�t not told nothing but the truth.�

�That�s a double negative.  Did you mean to say you lied?  Perhaps I should gEt my truth-alyzer 2000� where did I put those electrodes?�

�Oy, I mean I told the truth! Get that thing away from me!� The prisoner sounds terrified.

�Oh there�s no need to fret the truth-alyzer 2000 has been peer reviewed and tested to show it causes minimal criminal damage!  It won�t hurt…�  A loud *pop* and *sizzle* sound. �…much.�

�Put it away Cloakbolt I�m sure he�s willing to tell us what happen��

More popping and snapping sounds.

�Git it away!  Git it away I�ll tell ya everthin!  Believe me I�ll do anythin that get�s the Fel spewer and her monster off the streets.  I mean that�s why we�re takin right?  You don�t care about what I did I�m already in jail.�

�Hmm are rather astute observation I�ll make note of that� where did I put my note-a-tron.�

�Elune�s tits must you have a gadget for everything?  And yes� we want to know about this �monster�.  We already know about what happened at the docks, you and your colleagues were collecting a shipment of Thistle Weed tainted with demonic reagents for the Fel Touched—�

�Hey hey!  Me and me boys didn�t know nothin about �Fel Touched� or stuff cut into the �Thisy� Weed.�

�Really?�  I can hear the raised eyebrow of disbelief in Agent Arcwind�s voice.  �Then tell us why were you there?�

�… We were stealing it.  Look I�m a legitimate business thief!  My trade is Thisy Weed� when my supplier got nicked I needed a new supply.  I happen to hear tell about a shipment comin in so I figured we�d steal it.  I swear on the Light above I don�t know nothin about any Fel Touched or missin orphans.�

�Wait� missing orphans?  How do you know about that?�  Cloakbolt asks with a surprised tone.

�Well the monster when he �ad me hangin upside down he asked me questions.  One of �em was about kids that had been takin� I told him I don�t know nothin about it and I�ll tell ya the same I don�t know nothin.  Me and me boys� we just picked the wrong shipment of drugs to steal!  We�re innocent� well you know innocent of the demon stuff at least.�

�Alright.�  Arcwind takes a long slow cleansing breath. �Your affidavit states you woke up hanging upside over the ocean� start from there and tell us everything that happened.�

Outside of Stormwind near the harbor district, ten days ago�

    The first thing I remember was the deep boomin voice yellin.


I woke up with start hangin upside over water with a rope tied round my foot.  The monster was starin me right in the eye and just past him in the shadows I could see the bodies of me mate � all clearly dead judgin by the smell and pool of blood under �em.


I tried to tell him I didn�t know nothin about no Fel Touched, but he punched right the gut so hard I lost my dinner.  It was like that time I got kicked by a mule but a thousand times worse!

�WHERE ARE THEY HOLDING THE CHILDREN?!  I KNOW THEY TOOK THEM FOR A SACRIFICE!� The monster demanded in his loud boomin voice.  He was yellin so loud he �bout drove me deaf.

And believe me if I had known anythin about what he was askin I would �ave told him!  But when I couldn�t give him an answer he started beatin me again.

It went on like this for much longer than I care to remember or think �bout.  It finally got to the point he had this huge blade to me neck and swore he was goin cut my head off if I didn�t tell him what he wanted to know�

I would have welcomed death in that moment if it would just make the pain stop�

I.. I�m a bad man� hell I�ll admit it..

but surely even I didn�t deserve what that monster was doin to me

especially when I just didn�t know nothin…

    I asked him to kill me.  I flat out said as I was spitin out one of my teeth and tryin to keep from choakin on my own blood.

    �Just ended it� please.  I can�t take it no more and I don�t know nothin� I�m beggin you…�

    I saw the anger� the pure Fel tainted rage in his eyes.  He pulled the blade back ready to stick it in me neck and I was ready to burn in hell with me mates when suddenly this bright shiny light came outta the sky.

    I couldn�t see the source of the light it was really bright and pointed right at me, but I heard what sounded like metal hitting the ground.

    The monster looked annoyed and turned to look at two figures approachin, due to the light in me eyes all I could see was their shadows.  One of em looked like an elf the other had the stance and build of a worgen.

�Figured you be here.  We need to talk.�  The elf spoke.

The worgen said somethin that didn�t really make sense it sounded like �Your alternate timeline sudeo-father figure and I are very concerned.�

    The monster grunted an answer back in his boomin voice. �Busy.�


�Yeah I�ve heard about your little

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