A cave, barely noticeable in the mountainside. The faintest shimmer hinting at signs of life further into the cave. Life had changed very little for the native fauna, with only a few culled every so often to feed the inhabitant. Footpads whispered along the cavern floor as the rogue paced back and forth. A pile of documents were strewn about the back wall of the cavern, next to a bedroll. It looked unused and was still neatly made as if just unrolled.


     “What’s next… what’s next…” He muttered to himself, his pacing refreshed. “We have what we need to begin the next step…” He cackled at the end of the sentence. “Yes, good idea. Very good idea. We will leave the letter next.” He nodded to his unseen guest.


     The rogue reached within his pouch and produced his box of wonders. A piece of Ethereal engineering allowed for easy transportation of himself. He activated it and stepped through the portal, grinning. A purple flash shone in the cave, but the light dimmed before leaving the cave mouth.


     The rogue exited the portal a short distance from the Templars’ base of operations. He looked to the north with a feverish glee in his eyes.


     “Yes, yes. We will find him.” The rogue eyed the walls of the garrison, noting the faces of the guards patrolling. He watched for hours from afar until he saw the one he wanted. The man’s face stood out and was a guardsmen the rogue knew from his service to the Templars. As the patrol routes split up into groups of three. Sielic descended upon the group he wanted, unseen in the shadows stirred up by him. The brush gave him a needed hiding place and he grinned as he waited. A quick tug on a branch and the group approached closer.


     “Somet’in’s movin’ in ’ere.” The target muttered, likely into something to report back. -’Check it out, but stick together. Next patrol will be up soon.’- came the reply and the guardsmen grunted affirmatives, approaching the brush. Sielic’s clawed arms shot out and dragged two into the underbrush. Quick follow-up blows to the target’s companions rendered them unconscious. In moments, Sielic had half emerged from the brush, his fangs bared. Both hands took hold of Griswold, his target, and dragged him under. The target panicked, but formed some steel inside as he stared back into Sielic’s cold eyes.


     “Ye’ll get yers, beast.” The guard tried to tackle the worgen, who threw him down quickly. Hurried footsteps could be heard approaching. A blade flashed out and Sielic held it to the man’s throat.


     “You’ll die quickly, should you try again. Worse still, so will your family back home. I have my ways to make this happen, you see.” His free hand threw down a lock of hair, and the guard’s steel shattered.


     “W-w…what do you want? Don’t kill ’em. ’ey dinnit do anyt’in’ to you.” Sielic’s teeth were bared in a ferocious smile.


     “When your friends get here, you tell them it was an infected wolf that wandered too close. I will be watching. You will deliver this letter to Arialynn. Do your best, now, or I’ll visit home again. And trust me, if you think you can report this before I can get to your family, you are mistaken. Don’t make me show you the consequences of failure or disobedience.” Sielic’s hand held out an envelope. The envelope looked to be similar to the stationary from Westguard Keep. A clerk’s stamp had been applied to it as well. It was addressed to the Justicar. “I will be watching, Griswold. Failure will cost a pretty penny…” His snicker was almost silent as his figure disappeared into the shadows, leaving nothing but two unconscious men, Griswold, and a letter.


     The next patrol hurried up to the brush and called out for Griswold and his companion. Griswold crawled out of the brush, attempting to drag one of his companions out. He flagged the next patrol down, but had already stowed the letter.


     “Was a wolf rushed us from the brush. Light knows ‘ow t'ey keep gettin' over here. T'e ot'er s were unlucky, startled by t'e wolf and took nasty spills into t'e brush."


     The patrols were strengthened and increased that night, on top of the orders coming down to increase patrols in response.


     Griswold found himself next to a makeshift chapel and knelt in prayer.


     ‘Light, fergive me fer t’is, but my family’s on t’e line.’ Griswold offered up in silent prayer, asking for salvation and forgiveness in the Light, despite his deeds. He dared not open the letter, fearing the retribution that could follow.

     Traitors find ways to strengthen the ranks.

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