Fall has fully set in over the Eastern Kingdoms, and even just walking through the streets of Stormwind you can notice a difference in the air. The strong smell of nutmeg and cinnamon are impossible to miss, and there is an excitement that seems to work its way through the people. The harvest was bountiful this year despite the tragedies that the Kingdom has seen.

While finishing the errands that brought you to the city, you are stopped by a man dressed in torn and dirty clothing. His face is marked with streaks of ocher and his hair, a dirty blonde, is spiked upwards and tied with red bailing twine. He laughs and reaches out a hand to shake yours, a little hay falling from his sleeves. You now notice the tattered clothing that is also tied off with the red bailing twine is stuffed with hay.

“Hello! Festive Hallow’s End to you!” He grins flashing a bright white smile. “Are you familiar? Familiar with the tale?” He crouches low for a bit holding both hands up with his fingers curled and glances around. “The tale of how the barriers weaken this time of year, of how close we are to the other side? Or how close the other side is to us?” He waits expectantly and watches you, his excitement clear in his expression. “Tell me one of the tales you’ve heard–tell me and then come join us for our Hallow’s End party!”

Mourn blinks. “You…you are not wrong. The other side is but a whisper away.” A tiny stream of smoke rises from her left eye. She blinks it away. “There is not much to tell of it. The Void. It promises power and peace, and it does, in truth, contain both in abundance.” She sighs as a wistful expression passes over her face. “I do not know what tale I could tell you that would be of much interest. The vast silence, the easing of all aches, all pain, the utter lack of feeling. It is either something you love or something you abhor. For those of us who taste the former, it’s call is like the most beautiful siren.”

She shaker herself. “No. I made a vow. Tempting as your offer is, I must refuse. I cannot allow myself to follow that path.”

Do not attend the party

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