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My name is Dr. Iztalein Silvercloud. I have a degree in psychology from Silvermoon University. My specialty is psychoanalysis with a focus on memory manipulation and removal to treat the underlying subconscious causes of maladies. To explain in more layman’s terms: It is my firm belief that the majority of neurosis, phobias, and psychoses are caused by past traumatic experiences. By removing the memory of those experiences—that is, by removing the root cause of the malady—such conditions can be cured. I have so far had a 95% success rate with this treatment method. This includes case of PTSD, phobias, compulsions, and many others. My process involves using a form of hypnosis and Shadow Priest magic to enter a patient’s mind and explore their memories through guided talk therapy. I locate the past experiences that are the cause of the patient’s issues and remove the memories entirely by placing them inside special crystal containers.

I am writing this journal because my life course has recently altered in a very dramatic way. I was a part of Magister Umbric’s experiments to discover how to harness the power of the Void. I attended per his request, due to his concerns of how Void exposure might affect the psyche of the research team. As it happens, during my limited time there, I did discover quite a bit about the Void and how it affects the mind. I’ll go in more details about that in subsequent entries.

I was caught up in the… incident that lead to myself and my collages becoming what has become colloquially known as “Void Elves.” With the help of the esteemed Alleria Windrunner, we have begun integrating into the Alliance. My current goals are to aid my fellow Void Elves in dealing with their new condition, help them become proper members of our adopted society, and establish a new practice.

Unfortunately, now having tied my fate to the Alliance, I had to leave the majority of my resources and contacts behind in Silvermoon. I am a doctor with no practice at the moment. I hope to remedy this soon, but due to members of the Alliance possessing an understandable distrust of my kind, it will be a gradual process. I do have one lead, however: A company known as “Fateshifter Industries” is rumored to be welcoming of my kind and there is an advertisement for position as a psychologist. This could be the exact opportunity I need. I’ll have to see what I can find out about this company and its association with the group known as “Templars of the Rose.”

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  • February 4, 2018 at 4:02 pm
    Looking forward to learning more about this guy, great introduction! Thanks also for letting me help edit. :D

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