Note: This takes place a few hours before the civilian rescue mission in Suramar.


Keleosha fidgeted in her seat glancing around at the other patrons of the Legerdemain Loungebut her gaze kept coming back to the draenei priest ordering drinks. There was no sense in trying to avoid looking at her now, this meeting was happening now. At least they didn’t wear the same thing, even though she had that same outfit.

Does my butt really look like that?�

The priest turned around carrying two drinks and headed back to the table where Keleosha sat. She looked just like her � well yes, that was expected. Different hair though, but that was also expected. Definitely the same face, but the eyes looked a little–

�Sorry about the wait. Their bean grinder was jammed � something about a pandaren coming in and using it over and over,� she set a mug of a hot dark liquid in front of Keleosha.

�What is-?� Keleosha sniffed the liquid, it smelled bitter.

�Coffee. You will like it.�

She would know, would she not?� Keleosha thought as she sipped the drink.

�Yeah, I know our tastes.� the priest smirked.

Did she read my mind? Is that something the same people from different timelines can do? Think about pink elekks. Pink elekks and not impure thoughts about the Exarch…SKATA!�

The priest was looking at her with one eyebrow raised, �Are you alright? You look like you swallowed a bug.�

Okay, maybe she couldn’t read her mind.

�I am fine. The cough-ee is good, but a little bitter.�

�Try adding a little sugar, it helps. I know we have what the humans call a ‘sweet tooth’.� she added a lump of sugar to her own coffee and stirred it, �Obviously I received your letter. I know we were both reluctant to meet, so what changed your mind?�

What had changed her mind? Getting kicked out of that meeting? Feeling like she didn’t belong? Being homesick? Fighting her way through Suramar for no reason?

�I wanted to see what you were like. How you were the same and how you were different.� she held her hands tightly together when she was nervous or scared. It was something she had done since childhood if her parents weren’t around to hold her hand. She looked across the table and noticed the other Keleosha was doing the same thing with a smirk on her face.

�Not that different.� the priest said, �Sorry, I’m teasing to lighten the mood. I’m curious about you too. I wasn’t at first, but your Templars seemed to think you were an okay person, and it would be weird if we didn’t meet. What do you want to know about me?�

Keleosha thought about it. Every question she wanted to ask was one she didn’t want the answer to. The fate of her family, her friends, her world were at the forefront of her thoughts but part of her didn’t want to know what could have happened if things had played out differently on Draenor. Maybe she could ask other questions and get details on other things. Like her life here on Azeroth.

�So….you are a priest?� – �Oh Light…I should have prepared my questions beforehand.�

The other Keleosha laughed, �Yes, I studied first in Shattrath and later at Karabor. You became a paladin though?�

�I was to be sent to Karabor for further training, but the Iron Horde attacked before that could happen. When Shattrath was liberated I was inspired to be a paladin.� she wanted to ask the questions. Maybe if she hinted around it, �How did you come to be on Azeroth?�

The priest took a deep breath and for a moment the young paladin’s hopes were raised � maybe she didn’t want to talk about it. Maybe she wouldn’t have to know, �When the orcs attacked, the Prophet led many of our people to safety. As the condition of Draenor deteriorated, we were led in an assault on the Exodar to escape the ravaged wasteland of blood elves and orcs only to crash the ship on the only other Light-damned planet with blood elves and orcs. I have been a traveling healer since then, going where I’m needed but trying to stay away from the fight. What about you?�

�After the war with the Iron Horde ended and the Legion invasion was repelled, word came that Azeroth was under Legion attack. I wanted to repay the people of this world for saving my own so I took a portal here. A short time later I joined the Templars.�

There was hesitation on the priest’s face as she asked her next question, �Was there anyone you left behind on Draenor? Friends? Family?�

Keleosha nodded, �My parents and a few friends.� the look on the other Keleosha’s face said it all, and confirmed one of her fears, �Father and Mother?�

�They were lost in the attack on Shattrath. As for friends, I tried to find those I knew before I left for Karabor but I never saw them again. I don’t know what happened to any of them, but I can guess.� she sighed, �That wasn’t what you wanted to hear.�

�No. But in a way, I am glad I know now. I am sorry for your losses.� after a quiet moment she changed the topic, �I heard you have a wife. Anyone I know?�

The expression on the priest’s face changed from sadness to amusement, �How the fel would I know that? I don’t know who you know. She’s no paladin, I can tell you that much.�

Even if she didn’t want to know too much about the other Keleosha’s life, the paladin’s curiosity was now piqued. Millions of questions were running through her head, some more direct than others, �Does she have hair like mine?�

The priest gave her a look of utter confusion, �Why would she have hair like-…oh.� it dawned on her and she rolled her eyes, �Oh Light, it’s Ishanah all over again…�

�Ishanah? Is that her name?� the paladin grinned.

�No! And I’m not giving you any more details. Maybe a version of my wife exists on your Draenor, maybe she doesn’t. Maybe you meet her, maybe you don’t. If something happens, it happens. Just because I’m with her doesn’t mean you’re fated to be, just like you weren’t meant to be a priest. We may have been very similar once but we’re two different people now. Live your own life.�

Keleosha sipped her coffee and smiled, �Victor said something like that too. He said you would be more like a sister than an anigraf-..err…�

�’Duplicate’, and he has a point. I think I would like to have a sister.�

�Now I wish our parents had other children,� Keleosha mused as she pulled out a piece of parchment. With her eyes drawn away she didn’t see the look of realization and concern on the priest’s face. She hastily wrote something down and passed it across the table, �I have to go soon. There is some kind of operation we are conducting tonight. This is my contact information at Light’s Hope, Greywatch, and Westguard. Feel free to visit or write me any time.�

Pushing the previous thoughts out of her head, the priest nodded and tore off the bottom half of the parchment where she wrote her own details, �I live on Azuremist Isle, not far from the Exodar. If I’m not working, I’m usually there.�

Keleosha stood up and prepared to leave, �Um…would hugging be-?�

�Too weird.� the priest smirked, �But it was nice meeting you, Keleosha. I look forward to seeing you again.�

The paladin smiled and bowed, �I look forward to seeing you too, Keleosha.� as she walked to the door, the priest called out her name again so she stopped and turned.

�Next time you’re back home, you should stop by Embaari Village. See if there’s a food vendor there by the name of Kharhi. She sells the best candy and cakes you will ever eat. I put on ten pounds every time I was there on leave from the temple.�

The paladin nodded and gave one last wave before walking out the door leaving her new older sister along at the table. The priest smiled to herself and sipped her coffee.

Well, no harm in them meeting. If something happens, it happens.�

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