Fate must smile upon me. I have indeed found a guide to Revendreth in Oribos. I have met an itinerant monk, a human woman that studies the ways of the Pandarens. The scent of her tea and noodles returned me to my memories of wandering that pleasant continent. They were a most welcoming people, and their tea was the best I had ever tasted.


Her name was Chiro, and she seemed pleasant. I do not know if she realized I was Forsaken, as I have kept my disguise upon me in Oribos. We spoke of past events, and the world has changed in my absence. I am honestly embarrassed to have once been devoted to Sylvannas and her vision. Something is lost in her now, and she has slaughtered her own for the crimes of simply trying to reunite with their families. 


For now, I will keep my head low in the Hordelands, but I am still curious about my family there. The Templars are kind, but hardened by years of war and rightly so. The Tears are lost, and it pains me that I have not been able to contact Novina, nor Athi since re-emerging. I miss them all.


After sharing tea, Chiro assisted me in arriving at Dawnkeep, where I was formally introduced to the Gilnean Death Knight known as Glacierfur. He knew of Sigmah, and that was good to hear. While out of contact, the Lich continues to exist and aid the Death Knights. He suggested that I offer myself formally to the Knights, in hopes that I will find Sigmah again. Perhaps he will teach me more of wielding this oversized weapon and I may appear less clumsy.


The Paladin and the Marksman were not there, nor was my sister nor her paramour. They suggested that I wait in Oribos and craft a letter, in hopes of being formally invited once again. Instead I find myself writing this, and staring at the blank page of the letter. What do I even say to her? I have missed her, but I have been selfish. I sought oblivion, to not be a burden, to not hear of the war ramping up again between the Horde and Alliance. I wanted no part of that business, and kept to my studies.


Instead my consciousness wandered Maldraxxus, fighting endless battles and honing clumsy skills in necromancy and weapons. It was a fever dream, possibly, or my afterlife. Once I am reunited, I will return to Maldraxxus to try and understand why I was there, and why I am once again considered mortal.

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