I’ve spoken with the Justicar, and now that N’zoth is gone, she’s given her blessing for me to take some time away from a combat role. So I’m hanging up my armor and my axe and my helmet and packing a simple pack, a bedroll, some camping supplies, a tent, and my da’s old rifle with me, and I’m going to spend some time all to myself. Figure I’ll start the trek from Ironforge out into the wilds and see where the paths take me. Da always loved our camping trips, and to have a chance to do so again might make me feel a touch closer to him, Light rest his spirit.

Also figured I’d keep a journal of my time spent away from the rest of the Templars. To be truthful, spending so much time fighting the minions of N’zoth wore on my mind more than I think I’d care to admit. I think keeping a journal might just help with keeping my thoughts in a straight line, so to speak. Then, I can read back through it later, and if it’s full of crazed scribbles, then I should probably get help, aye?

Before I start my trip, I figure I’ll make a little list of supplies:

  • 1 Tent (poles, canvas, etc.)
  • 3 lengths of rope (Da always said that you can never have enough rope, not sure why exactly)
  • Da’s old rifle (Bloody thing still works, though I can barely hit the broad side of a Dwarf bunker with it)
  • 6 boxes of shells for the rifle
  • 1 bedroll
  • 1 hand axe
  • 1 hammer
  • 1 hunting knife
  • 2 sharpening stones
  • 1 flint
  • 1 water canteen
  • 1 set of steel utensils
  • 1 cook pan
  • 3 changes of clothes
  • 1 satchel of gold coins
  • Assorted dried provisions enough for two, maybe three weeks with good rationing

That should about do it. We’ll see if I’m half the Mountaineer that my Da’ always said I was when I was little. How hard could it be?

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