There seem to be some ripped out pages preceding this one. One may barely make out random passages.

Well, it seems that sleep does not come easy to me. Lately, it's been all I could do to stand up straight during the day. I already know what keeps me awake at night, but what could I do to solve a problem from the past? There is no bringing back Cassius, no matter how great a man he was. I regret not being able to stand by my father and die with him. Despite my sleeping issues, I worry for my younger brother. Davak was much younger than me and witnessed his father ripped apart by the marauding trolls. I have stumbled upon him training a few times, and that is why I worry. I find sturdy wooden targets shattered with large splinters everywhere and my brother covered in his own blood. His fury is a mighty weapon indeed, but he is not in control of it any longer. I only hope that nothing ill comes of it, nothing else I can do. How could I fault him for blaming himself?

Not only that has been bothering me, but I also worry for a newfound friend and ally, Kekeka. His anger at the atrocities the orcs commit against the forests of Ashenvale worry me. I hope that he is able to see that rampant slaughter will not solve the problem because more orcs will just be sent forth into the forests. Blood begets more blood and our outlying towns, particularly in that region, are very vulnerable to a Horde counterstrike.

Well, that's all the important things I could record as of late. Maybe tonight, I can finally find some rest not haunted by spectres of the past. Well, it is time to find out.

The pages following are blank, obviously for future use.




It is with a heavy heart that I write of my brother's death. He was barely twenty one years old, and he has been taken from this world. Davak Trugran will be sorely missed, but he is now reunited with our father. I was to meet with his earlier this evening, and was running behind, having been enjoying the company of Salixa and Jander, but I was making good time and felt that I would not be too far behind Davak. I heard a call go out from Davak saying that he thought he was being followed, and believed it to be me, but when I tried to answer, it seemed my radio had gone silent. Then I heard Davak yell over the radio, saying that it was not me and that he needed…something. The radio fell silent. I rushed to the scene, meeting Salixa and Jander, who had beaten me there and we began to search for my brother. I had thought him kidnapped until I looked down the path and noted something among a grouping of trees.

I went down to inspect the trees, and fell, hard, onto the ground when I saw my brother's lifeless eyes staring up at me. I was shocked and it took me a moment to register that his head had been severed from his body. My brother had been decapitated. Murdered. I still do not know what had happened because the killer escaped. The body was quite close to the head, with a deep stab wound in the back. There was also a marking on his back in the shape of a crudely painted bone hand, upside down, with the segments and the breaks between, clearly visible. I have no idea what this could mean, but someone had suggested an orc clan. This is highly unlikely, but all possiblities are being looked at. Velhari, bless her, is going to take the symbol around to some people she knows to see if they can help at all, and I hope for something to point me towards someone as the guilty party.

There will be no fair trial, no jail sentence, if I find this person. There will be vengeance, blood for my own blood. They will die, and I will turn them into a trophy to show all those that would try to take my family from them. First, the trolls killed my father, now someone has murdered my brother… The trolls paid in blood, and now, my brother's killer will pay in his blood, as well. If we ever find that damned person.

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