[A small parchment package contains a note, and… a strange piece of jewelry-?] 


I saw this after we talked on the beech by the oshin. It looked like the sunset and warm. It was part of one whole shell. I have seen older [scratchout] girl soldiers in Greywatch have matching things becus they are friends. So I made us matching things becus we are friends too and becus you gave me the eer clip. I think [scratchout] it is pritty like the ones you had even if it is not old. It made me think of warm and sunset on the oshin like it is in Westgard all the time and you. It is part of a whole and I took the other half. They look almost [scratchout] ecsactly the same so I hope that is ok and that you like it. 

I am sorry I cried. I have been trying not to cry but I feel better now which is weerd but I do even if I am tired [scratchout] and it gave me a headake. I do not think I am well yet but I am trying. I will try to remember where I am and what I am and that I have peeple who care now. I do not know about [scratchout scratchout] Yagrane and ribins but maybe I can try. Pleese remember that you have peeple too now. 

[scratchout scratchout scratchout] 

The oshin is scary and dark and deep maybe but it is also pritty and not everything that comes from it is bad I think.


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