[A package for Zetera arrives. It’s… a vase, made out of… what looks like a demon’s heart, hardened and preserved. Sticking out of the various veins and arteries, and a hole carved in the top, are beautiful, magical, full roses. In her demonic sight, the manage to glow in shades of purple, matching Zetera’s tattoos. Also included is a lovely little note.]


Hey babe! Can’t wait for the date. I wanted to know if you had anything particular in mind, or if I should pick something. I’ve got a few ideas, but if you have any faves, lemme know. I dunno if you’re a romantic sunsets kinda girl, or a couple’s activities kinda girl, or what, but I can always guess. 

Wear something slinky. I’ll dress my best too. ;D I’ve got some epic lacey things I think you’ll love taking off just as much as I like wearing. 

(Note: You agreed to a date, not sex, which is fine. I just wanted to say, like, I’m ready for wherever the night takes us, if ya know what I mean.) 

See you soon, Zetera. 

[A heart, drawn here, in demon blood.]


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