The land of Val��_sharah, once a beauty of a land. Once a land where Malfurion Stormrage was taught by Cenarius to be one of the first druids among the kaldorei. The land of Val��_sharah was told to be a mirror of the Emerald Dream and it��_s beauty once shined through kaldorei druidic culture.

A land now ravaged by war of the Emerald Nightmare, torn asunder by demonic forces and corruption. Xavius, the Satyr Lord had torn the land apart through terrible means, corrupting both Cenarius and Ysera, kidnapping Malfurion Stormrage and using him as living bait. The Temple of Elune under constant attack by the Burning Legion. Val��_sharah was being torn apart from the physical world and the dream world.

Ysera’s death had been a crushing loss to the kaldorei. Whether priest, druid or just one who believed in the faith of Elune, having witnessed the fall of the green dragon aspect had been crushing to most who witnessed it.

Kanta Wildsabre and Anarial Mistglaive had been asked to head to the Temple of Elune and aid in it��_s defense against the Burning Legion forces. The Marksman��_s bow and gifts of the druidic nature aided well against the demons. Blessed arrows flying from Kanta��_s bow as Anarial��_s claws ripped through the throats and chests of those flanking behind them. The elven mates were becoming backed into a corner slowly by the never-ending Legion forces. Anarial��_s fur of her cat form was stained with blood that reeked of sulfur, but that did not stop the druid from leaping to her next target.

Kanta��_s arrows moved from one seamless motion from quiver to the throat of their enemies. His hands moving in a blur to the quickly emptying quiver on his back.

��_Running low!��_ He called out in Darnassian to Anarial, who was far too busy with her own tasks and evading the large axe belonging to a Fel Lord. The axe cleaved the ground where Anarial stood moments prior asunder, quaking with fel energies. Anarial leapt from her safe landing spot to the Fel Lords neck, shifting from feline to her elven state in the process and burying the large saber claw weapons into the demonic flesh.

��_You have other methods to take care of them! Get your hands dirty for once!��_ Anarial called out and dove forward a group of felhounds, shifting once more from her elven form and this time into the large ursine form that practically bowled and cleaved through the hungry demon hounds.

Kanta growled as he fired off his final arrow, shooting a wrathlord in the chest, but it continued it��_s charge at The Marksman. He roared at the kaldorei, readying the large blades that the creature carried that were coated with the red blood of his allies that had fallen moments before. Kanta cursed loudly as he moved swiftly, swinging the bow he wielded up in a quick upswing motion, the sharpened parts of the bow slicing across the demon��_s face not once, but twice, coming back in a horizontal fashion and blinding the wrathlord, letting it roar in pain and swing it��_s blades carelessly around in desperation to cleave the little elf in two. Kanta had other plans as he moved behind the wrathlord and leapt up, grabbing onto the back of the wrathlord��_s helmet and making a clean slice across it��_s neck, letting it��_s blood flow like a river from the arteries and veins, spraying and coating the ground before the demon with it��_s dark blood before it collapsed straight into a dark crimson puddle.

Kanta panted, wiping a stain of blood from his face and looked on towards Anarial, who stood not far from him and caught her own breath. She was coated with the blood of the demons she had slain, her armor stained with the dark color of it all.

��_You alright?��_ She called to him, slowly closing the distance between the two and looking around her and her husband. The demons had ceased their attacks, for now. Another wave was inevitable, as it seemed to happen nearly every hour since their arrival on the isles. The kaldorei continued their defense since then, not allowing their temple to fall.

��_Yes. I am fine. Exhausted, but fine.��_ He said quietly, feeling the touch of her hand lay on his shoulder. ��_We need reinforcements. Has there been any word back from Ashenvale? Feathermoon Stronghold?��_

��_Not that I know of.��_ She said. ��_Darnassian and Sentinel forces are spread out very thing right now, Kanta. It is unlikely that we will get enough forces to push back the demonic forces back entirely.��_

��_… Aye. You should get some rest.��_ Kanta said to Anarial, a brief smirk coming to his lips. ��_And you should wash up a bit. Get some of that blood off from you. I��_ll keep watch watch for the time being.��_

Anarial looked at Kanta hesitantly at first, but nodded. She squeezed Kanta��_s shoulder affectionately. ��_Be safe, and call for aid if you need it. I will not be far.��_

��_I know. Rest for now.��_

Time passed since Anarial stepped away to get some much needed sleep. Kanta Wildsabre stood at the top of a fallen pillar, scanning over the area not far around them. The demons had been quiet for now, and Kanta could only hope that they remained like that. He since had restocked on arrows and now stood with one hand gripping his bow tightly, and the other hand holding onto a set of prayer beads.

��_Mother Moon, protect us through this night. Watch over your children and keep us safe from the Burning Legion.��_

He continued his prayers for the rest of the night, and not a trace of demons had come out. In the back of his mind Kanta knew it was sheer coincidence, but he truly did believe that Elune watched over her temple and her people.

A few more hours passed and Kanta now sat on the pillar he once stood on, the sun peeking over the trees in the distance. Two arms wrapped around Kanta��_s midsection and a pair of lips pressed to the top of his head.

��_Nothing happened all night?��_

��_Not a single demon nor scout. They are either holding back until they bolster their forces or want us to get some rest.��_ He grinned briefly back up at her. ��_Well rested?��_

��_Rested enough.��_ She responded, withdrawing her arms from him and sat on the pillar beside him, resting a hand atop of his. ��_You should get some rest now. A few forces have come in from Aszuna, some highborne and druids that wish to help.��_

Kanta nodded. ��_Never would think we would appreciate a highborne willing to help, but I suppose with the world ending it is more than needed.��_ Anarial smirked at this.

��_Rest now, Kanta. We will hold it off for the day.��_ She said. Kanta nodded once more and slipped the prayer beads into her own hand now. ��_May need these, I do think that helped keeping the demons at bay last night.��_

She smirked as Kanta got up and kissed her for the morning, before moving towards the small encampment within the temple.

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