Attention all members of the Vanguard, Rank Shieldbearer and Above. Below is the current debrief of our interactions with our current target, Forgemantle. 

   We’ve already had several run-ins with this Awakened General. First introducing himself as Lord Galleyfrax the Magnificent, Render of Souls and Scourge of the Living, second only to Lord Joko. He was originally leading some of the incursions into Mainland Tyria, utilizing Asura tech to open brief gates into our lands and pushing troops out.  Repelling those invasions proved successful for the Tyrian forces, the Vanguard among them. 

   After these initial interactions, our rather dramatic foe went quiet for a while, letting us recoup our forces and build up our new home base, the Gilded Hollow. In that time we’ve also gathered quite a few new members, while establishing our presence in Elona. Now that we have, we’ve run into his forces once again, this time attacking villages of native Elonan’s who are no longer willing or unable to believe Joko’s lies. Sadly, the village we were tasked to protect was mostly wiped out before we managed to arrive, but we did secure the refugee’s safe haven. Our foe, now calling himself Forgemantle, who by some unknown means, has managed to gain control of remnant Forged troops, wielding them now as his own personal army, and raising the dead they create as new awakened Joko’s armies. 

We shall remain on high alert, Forgemantle seems obsessed with us, as this attack was meant to draw us out. 

Stand Strong for the Dawn.


Commander Riathan Bordren

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