“Wha… where am I?”

“You are here.”

“How am I alive? I felt myself die.”

“You did. And now you are here with us.”

“I can’t see.”

“You will, in time. Your body needs rest and time to adjust.”

“This feels strange. This feels wrong. What have you done to me? Who are you?”

“Rest now. All your questions will be answered in time.”


“Welcome to the Lightforged.”


A priestess wearing the robes of the lightforged stepped out onto the bridge and spoke. “Captain Fareeya, the melding was completed successfully.”

Fareeya raised her hands up. “Praise to the Light. Where there any complications?”

The priestess looked down at the floor. “He … his vision is affected, but will return in time. His new body however… He will need assistance in making sure he does not injure himself until he is used to how it moves and such. He was a human after all. Quite smaller and weaker.”

Fareeya nodded, sympathy on her face. “A’ajet knew what he was getting into when he seconded, H’yuuri. I am sorry for the loss to you. This is the justice the Light demanded of us, remember?”

H’yuuri nodded silently. She looked up at Fareeya. “My love…. I had lost him long before he lost his way in the Light. Allowed himself to be corrupted by jealousy and envy of others more favored by the Light. I will remember him as he was, Fareeya. That will be my Justice.”

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  • jander
    February 5, 2020 at 10:09 pm
    Told you he'd be back. https://i.imgur.com/40ItyVB.png

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