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Name: Setraa the Voice

Location: Northern coast of Bloodmyst Isle

Wanted For: Mass Homicide, Conspiring With the Burning Legion

Threat Level: Bronze

Lethal Force: Authorized

Reward: [Redacted.]


Setraa the Voice is the leader of a newly formed faction of magic users that developed in direct response to the Burning Legion’s attack on the Exodar. Stricken by grief and frustrated by the perceived lack of protection from Prophet Velen’s leadership, they recruited Draenei of various backgrounds to gain as much influence as possible. Formerly a respected mage of the Kirin Tor, Setraa herself turned to the use of fel magic, believing that the most extreme methods were necessary for the preservation of the Draenei race.

Under the name “Requiem of the Homeworld,” Setraa and her cult of followers made a base for themselves on the Bloodmyst Isles. They began terrorizing the area with a combination of violence and extremist propaganda. Already a vulnerable and resource-starved area, many civilians of Azuremyst and Bloodmyst went missing in the months following the group’s inception. The cult proudly declared responsibility for the sharp rise in kidnappings and mass murder. Multiple unsuccessful attempts have been made by exodar peacekeepers to bring the group to justice.

Initial investigations have pinpointed the group to a small base on the northern coast of the Bloodmyst Isles. Very large levels of fel magic have been detected, they are suspected of sacrificing lives and harvesting souls for nefarious purposes. The building is well-protected by demons under the cult’s sway.


Target successfully neutralized by the alliance adventurer’s guild “The Templars of the Rose” under the authorized supervision of Magus Janderius Reed.


– A nine person strike force was brought to the Requiem’s hideout.

– Target’s location was guarded by a large Voidwalker (Class C boss size, by estimation) which had to be eliminated first.

– On entering the building, target was found to be in possession of a small soul-forge of questionable construction, as well as a restrained Felguard believed to have been a remnant from the Exodar attack.

– The group was believed to be trying to empower the Felguard using the forge’s harvested souls.

– The strike force met resistance from Setraa herself, who ultimately sacrificed the lives of ten of her own followers in an attempt to empower herself during the fight.

– An authorized warlock within the strike force was able to take control of the Felguard itself in order to help subdue Setraa.

– The Felguard itself remains under observation in a secure location.

– The questionable use of fel magic and necromancy was employed by members of the strike force to successfully eliminate the target. No immediate action necessary, but advise continued monitoring of   methods used by Janderius Reed and the Templars of the Rose.

– Evidence of the kill was supplied in the form of Setraa’s severed head, whose identity was later confirmed by former Kirin Tor colleagues of hers. Peacekeepers on the island have also investigated and     confirmed the reports after visiting the site of the cult’s headquarters. Efforts will continue in order to root out and round up any remaining followers of the Requiem of the Homeworld.

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