(This is my first attempt at writing an RP story in a while and Adrian I’m considering making a character for, came out of an RP. Hope you enjoy it!)

Adrian stepped out onto the street, attempting to meld with the crowd. He clutched the scroll in his hand with a death grip. He couldn’t lose it, and, he hoped, she couldn’t refuse. He was no rogue, no master of stealth, and he wasn’t really attempting to be. A mixture of curiosity or fear had overcome him upon spotting the druidess.

He’d barely recognized her in the simple white and green robe. He’d only ever seen the Kaldorei in her armor. Somehow, she didn’t look any less imposing. The young soldier had begun to approach her, but she seemed to be occupied with a pink-haired gnome?

There was something about the gnome, dressed in a similar casual fashion to the druid, but the little one seemed to prefer black and red leather, it may still be armor, but she didn’t look armed. He almost laughed at himself, what danger could anything so small with pink hair be?

And were they…dress shopping?

He ducked into the shadow of the building the two had entered a while ago, hiding in the bushes nearby.

“Peter warned me this would be difficult.”

“Oh! But that looked just LOVELY on you, dear.” The shopkeeper was too enthusiastic.

“I mean, it’s fine, but it screams…wimp.” Adrian snorted as he heard the gnome’s voice. Thus far, she’d been amusing to listen to.

The shopkeeper blubbered. “…w—what.”

“Star, that is rude.” Auris sighed.

“Oh, come on. Look at this woman. She’s fierce. Sure she can be gentle, but let her get married with her dignity intact. May? Can I call you, May?”

“My…name is Mary, but…I—I—suppose. You want…her dress to be fierce?”

“To be more precise, lovable yet kick ass.”

Mary hesitated. “You…want…the dress to be…’kick…ass…?’”

Adrian thought he might die. He covered his mouth to stifle his laughing. This was ridiculous, he should just go in and talk to them, but what exactly would he be interrupting? Auris had been quiet for a while, he briefly wondered if she would get a say.

“Yes. Kick ass. Am I speaking gnomish here? Amazing. Bold! Powerful.”

“I—I’ll see what I have in the back…”

“Ciera, that was truly ridiculous.” Auris hissed. “Any dress is fine.”

“Not for you.”

Adrian leaned against the building as they waited, tuning out the conversation. It was rude to eavesdrop anyway. How to approach her?

“OH. Oh, WOW.” The gnome’s shriek of excitement brought him back to listening in. She was so loud. “Auris…that…that’s—“

“I know. That is the one.”

“Well, May, you’ve outdone yourself.”

“I believe Peter will like this one. It suits me.” Auris’ voice faded as they moved further into the shop, probably to purchase the dress.

About fifteen minutes later he heard the gnome’s voice as they exited. “Yep, that one kicks all the ass.”

“Star, I would prefer you not associate my wedding dress with the term ‘ass.’” Auris shook her head as they walked past Adrian’s hiding spot.

“You know what I mean. It was perfect.”

He slipped out of his hiding spot as they rounded the corner, anxiety preventing him from approaching. He stayed just out of sight.

“One…second.” Auris half-turned as the gnome simply vanished. Wait? Where had she gone? That was impossible, wasn’t it?

Adrian stiffened as he felt the knife jab into his back, it hadn’t broken the skin yet. “Kid, you’re pretty bad at this. Following us, little stupid aren’t you?” The gnome? Star’s voice had lost all hint of amusement. There it was. He was frozen in terror by a short thing with pink hair.

“Star?” Auris slipped back around the corner, blinking at the scene.

“Look, it’s not what you think…I—“ The pressure on his back disappeared and the gnome was in front of him. When had she moved?

“I’m listening, take care with your answer.” He gulped as she gazed at him, knife in hand. Her eyes were cold…dark. This was a killer. Why would Auris be with…? Maybe he didn’t know her as well as he thought. They’d only met two or three times prior.

“I…I…wasn’t…” He couldn’t take his eyes off the blade in the gnome’s hands.

Auris’ voice broke through his panic. “Adrian? Is that you?”

“Yes!” He was thankful to see the elf, unchanged. As she approached, he felt calm, safer. He found his courage. “Yes. I wasn’t meaning to spy on you. I got…nervous.”

“Oh, you know this guy? Should’ve said so.” The gnome sheathed her blade and smiled at him. “Hi! I’m Star!”

He stared at her outstretched hand. Hadn’t she been about to murder him?

“Star. You have frightened him.”

“Oh, I was just playing around. Adrian knows that, right?”

He certainly did NOT know that. He shakily took her outstretched hand and shook. She seemed nice enough now. Maybe she was mechanical…and there was some sort of switch…he shook his head. “Sorry. I…Miss Auris. I know I’ve no right to make demands of you. But I don’t know anyone else.” He held out the paper.

Auris stepped forward taking it from him. “Adrian, what is this? If you are in trouble I will help you to the best of my ability, but…there was no need to follow m—“ Her eyes widened as she unrolled the scroll and read over its contents. “This is…”

“Th—that’s right, Miss Rainewind. I’m going to Argus, I volunteered. I want you and Peter to adopt myself and my little sister.”

Star burst into giggles. “Well. This just got interesting.”

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  • Ari
    October 24, 2017 at 11:05 pm
    Hehe, "Hadn't she just been about to murder him?" -- Yes.
  • Aunne
    October 25, 2017 at 8:54 am
    .... never trust a gnome with a knife. Or a wrench. Swords are okay, but only in social contexts. Books are right out.

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