With any luck, Ryml will be following on my trail as I had asked. I’ve not seen hide nor hair of him with my arrival, so I can only believe he is either exceedingly successful at his work or he has opted not heed my request. For all I know, he may still be bearing a grudge for a status I was born into, but I will not be hindered by another’s disapproval of my life. Regardless, I required him for the purpose of visitations with Idella.

The change in her behavior is not so different that it would induce a feeling of alarm, and Light knows that I have gone through my own metamorphosis of personality at times. People grow, adapt, and change based upon their experience, needs, and desires. I can only assume the same has happened to her, but one cannot help the suspicious feelings when her time is spent in Drustvar without clear cut reason. Not to mention that the Templars felt compelled to keep her under lock and key for a time.

Unfortunately, stopping by to investigate her work will have to wait for another time as the situation with the village has become more pressing. Two executions have passed in my time away, and I cannot help but feel responsible due to my inaction; although Andrew has kept a close eye on the situation. He reassures me that no amount of reason could have saved the two girls and word coming in by the few travelers has made the citizens more paranoid. As a result, they have retreated further into their zealotry and allow religion to become the letter of their law. However, their worship of the Light has been distorted and bastardized by the interpretations of the priests that have taken a spot of leadership. As far as I am aware, only one remains as the de facto leader whereas there had been three before my departure.

I was brought disturbing, yet delightful, news that one of their priests was found in the woods. What remained of him which had been nothing more than his his boots and feet still inside while the rest was burnt to ash. Though I found myself smiling because it was nothing short of what he deserved, it means someone is tampering with a delicate situation.

Thankfully, I can move in seamlessly into the village thanks to Andrew Voranthus’ place in monitoring their activity. Of course, he owes me from the days past when we were both in the Kirin Tor, but I know he was more than delighted to step into the role. He finds far too much joy in pretending to be a looney old man on the outskirts and praising the Light to poke fun at a mutual friend of ours. Despite his sense of humor, he’s remarkably capable and set aside a means to somewhat mask the energies that linger from my practice. Not to mention a set of clothing to have me pass off as a traveling merchant from the peasant class rather than the finery I have lived with for so long.

No matter how convincing I may be, that does not erase the need for caution. Though, upon my arrival, I will need to secure my own means of sending out messages. Utilizing Andrew’s channels and methods could see his shut down, and I will have to get a message directed to Nazmir without raising eyebrows. I can only imagine what will happen if I appear to go quiet for too long and the worry that will consume Halonan. All efforts I had to dissuade his concerns were fruitless, I know, but he understand that I am capable.

And I’ll be damned if I let these bastards get the better of me.

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  • halonan
    April 19, 2019 at 8:55 pm
    Ryml: "These women tempt fate, treading on dangerous ground. I will watch them, but I'm not sure anyone can stop the superstitious hysteria of this place. Even the trees here try to kill you."

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