Sloppy shorthand covers the page; the rapid pace of the writer warped the letters to the point of near hieroglyphics. Who needed codes and secondary encryption when the best security one could rely on was to keep documents on paper and nearly unreadable? Nukkal’s chaotic note-taking was a point of pride for him, as was the meticulously kept worship he called home. Tucking away the last abandoned project, the young asura begins to toss various bits of scrapped golems on the workbench alongside the opened notebook. In the sea of scrambled words and dozens of unrefined sketches, a few bits stand out:

Goal: move the soul to a modified golem and give it a gun. Temporary storage until de-goo-ification is complete.

Secondary Goal: uncrowd Genjiro’s skull. Give Cap temporary living space. Originally going to offer a gun, but his soul will need mobility.

Soul Storage? Write Bizzie Bee. If she can raise and make rotting flesh move whenever she wants, souls should also be up her alley. But first, maybe ask the spirit himself; maybe he can just wiggle in? Unclear how souls enter and exit the body. Maybe ask Bizzie. Or Genjiro, since he has more than enough souls.

Wiring? Condense common golem output and focus on dexterity, even if it means sacrificing golem brute strength. Movement is more important, especially hands. The battery should self-charge, failsafes needed to prevent the golem from reverting offline. Solar energy as a tertiary. Assuming the soul is primary, the crystalline golem battery is secondary. Another dragon will come and fall before CSSAR fails. Ideally.

Body Structure? Make the shape reasonably similar; his soul will struggle with multiple arms no matter how cool it sounds. Standard: Two Legs, Torso, Two Arms, One Head. Don’t reinvent the jetpack. *

*Note to self: Ask him if four arms would be cool first. Four arms mean four pistols… how can you say no to that?

Ask Riathan? Eh, it seems unnecessary. It’s not his soul. Suppose all goes well; no need to worry. If all does not go well… secondary identity must be procured. Cantha is confusing; perhaps easier to hide there? Leave the workshop to Tag if killed. He will need a place for pilfered goods.

Time is of the essence. Cannot Fail.

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