To Whom It May Concern,

During recent scouting and recovery operations and efforts in and around the Hillsbrad area, several remains have been discovered. We have reason to believe you may have knowledge of the deceased and would ask that you please come and attempt to identify the remains.

In Service,
Jacob Moore
Alliance Clerk of Court

This missive arrives with the envelope addressed to whoever the main member of the residence is.  This missive only arrives for people that may have had family in Hillsbrad or southern Alterac, previously lived in the area, was previously stationed in the area, or a member of an organization that had members in the area.  

((Templars are welcome to participate, please evaluate if your character would have one of the connections, and what connection it would be.  If you are unsure, or would like to work out who would have been lost in this area, or are just interested in participating in events and plots that develop from this, feel free to reach out.))

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