There was very little activity in the area from Horde forces.  Military actions had clearly taken their toll, with little from either side to be spared for a tent camp in the middle of a valley in a mountain range.  A small number of soldiers in Alliance plate patrolled the camp.  Sielic found little sleep on a bedroll, counting the patrolling soldiers.  “…seven…eight…nine…ten,” Sielic murmured.  Ten guards were not enough to keep this operation secure, and Sielic frowned.  They moved slowly, too slowly for his liking.  Clearly, standards and training had grown lax with the war grinding up resources and personnel.  

Sielic had not heard a response from the Templars, but he was not surprised.  He doubted any had forgiven his actions, and they were likely waist deep in whatever conflict was being waged off shores in Kul Tiras.  Still, he looked into what he could.  People were slowly filtering in and filtering out, but Sielic’s name had not been called.  He searched the small camp, and saw a man dressed in simple linen clothing.  

“Excuse me! Are you the Clerk? Jacob Moore?” Sielic shouted out, moving up a little.  The figure seized up, likely surprised as the camp was eerily quiet.  “I have not been called, but I had an inquiry if you had a brief moment.”

The man turned and nodded, “Yes, I am Jacob Moore.  Please make your inquiry quick.”  Jacob turned to Sielic and gave a tight smile.  Tiredness weighed on his face, with sunken eyes and pronounced wrinkles.  

Sielic thanked him, “I saw tabards belonging to the Templars of the Rose. Can you speak to how many have been recovered? I was once a member of the Templars, and I would like to notify them directly, if the missive may have been missed.”

The clerk furrowed his brow, and massaged his temples gently.  “A handful, maybe five or six.  I am sorry, but you must wait for your name to be called and then we can have you identify any remains that you have a connection to.  Thank you.”  Jacob quickly left, slipping into a closed tent.  

Sielic frowned, “He must be busy and overworked.  I did not see any other clerks.”  He produced his old guildstone again and sighed.  “I am not even sure this thing still works, but Templars, the clerk insists five or six Templars have been recovered in the Hillsbrad Foothills and southern parts of Alterac.  I will try to look into it, I am up here to identify family.  If I didn’t mention that yesterday, apologies.  I will let you know if I can identify the remains.”

Sielic returned to the space he had been allotted, and laid out his bedroll again to wait.  

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